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Welcome to Leadership Development Ltd

LDL has been at the forefront of leadership and sales training for three decades, developing a reputation for running dynamic and inspirational programmes that really stretch delegates.

We are energetic and passionate believers in the concept of Skill+Will. For your organisation to grow your people need modern day leadership and sales skills PLUS drive, confidence and a proactive mindset. If that approach fits the way you operate then we should work together.

Our training material is robust, pragmatic and based on many years of absorbing the best practices which we see working in the market place.

Programmes are available open and bespoke, and cater for all levels – from the 3 day Senior Management Programme to Close That Sale! the biggest selling programme in UK training history.

LDL training is facilitative, interactive and upbeat, increasingly supported with online reinforcement.

We are eager to get under our clients’ skin and become an integral part of your business – a true Business Partner. We aim to ensure our leadership and sales training courses impact significantly on commercial performance.

Inspirational Leadership

Helping you create a more inspiring workplace.

Close That Sale! 2014

Equip your team with 21st Century selling skills.

LDL Sales Training

LDL sales training courses are focused on the essential duality of modern selling - be a trusted adviser and win the business. Our approach is highly structured and delivers a framework for sales success in today’s market. It’s about building relationships, solving problems and consultation.

The new role of your sales team is to help your customers improve and develop their own businesses – to be a source of value in addition to the product or service you sell. Selling is no longer just ‘What are your requirements and how can we meet them?’ – now it’s ‘Where are you going and how can we help you get there?’

This approach – part consultant, part partner – is called Consultative-Partner selling, and is at the heart of LDL sales training.  Programmes are available both open and bespoke and include The New Professional Selling Skills, Key Account Management and Telephone Selling.

Check us out – you will see why LDL has won the respect, the support and the references of many of the top sales and marketing executives in the UK.

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  • The Danger Point In Objection Handling

    Posted 8 July 2014


    Many salespeople still regard objection handling as vital. If only they had better answers to objections their results would quickly improve. This emphasis is misplaced. It doesn’t matter how brilliantly an objection is answered, it has still created a gap between buyer and seller at the end of the presentation. [Continue reading to learn more.]

  • Advanced Selling Skills – Adding Value

    Posted 12 June 2014


    ‘A premium return to the customer is all the justification you need to require a premium investment’ says Mack Hanan in Key Account Selling.
    Most sales managers understand the importance of adding value, but are confused about what the term actually means. In the small sale, you can define value as [Continue reading to learn more.]

  • 16 Great Tips To Inspire Your Team

    Posted 3 June 2014


    Inspirational leaders are able to energise those around them irrespective of their job title. Here are 16 quick, immediately actionable tips to help you get the very best from your sales and support teams.

    1. Inspiration is not about some charisma gene. It’s about helping people to achieve their goals.
    [Continue reading to learn more.]

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