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LDL – Leadership Development Ltd – is a thriving learning provider achieving results through sales training, management training, negotiation training, presentation skills training and customer service training at all levels of an organisation – from senior management to front line staff. Programmes are available either in-person or virtual.

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More than half ‘The Sunday Times Top 25 Best Big Companies to Work For’ have used LDL, plus dozens of SMEs and start ups, so you are assured a tried and tested intervention. More than 600,000 people have participated in LDL programmes so far.

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At LDL we offer in-company tailored solutions, open programmes, one-to-one coaching and online courses. We hope you enjoy exploring the site, and finding out more about how we can help you and your business grow.
Sales Training Courses
Management Training Courses
Trusted by over 100+ companies
Training courses we offer
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Sales Training

Today everyone is in sales, and your business will only be able to fulfil its potential with a strong sales force. We offer a wide range of high impact introductory and advanced programmes, available open or in-company.
Investors in people

Leadership & Management Training

To outperform the competition you must get the very best from your people. At LDL we provide innovative, usable and proven strategies to help you develop a modern people-centred leadership style.
Investors in people

Presentation Skills Training

Presentation skills are more important than ever. And whether on your feet, on screen, in writing, over the phone, or face to face, we can help you to better articulate your ideas and engage your audiences.
Investors in people

Negotiation Training

Negotiating skills are vital. No other form of training has such an immediate, measurable effect on the bottom line. LDL cover all types of negotiation, with a specialist team set up for lawyers and accountants.
Investors in people

Tailored Solutions

At LDL, learning solutions designed specifically for your business represents the core of what we do. We can equip your people with the skills and confidence they need to support your company vision.
Investors in people

Professional Services

Learn more about the specialist work we do with clients in the professional services sector: lawyers, accountants, advertising professionals, architects, engineers, consultants and financial advisors.

‘I have now heard from each of the managers who attended the course and the comments have been extremely positive. One individual in particular sighted it as the best course he has attended in over 20 years of working for Lloyds Bank. High praise indeed.’

M.O’L. - Lloyds Bank

Lloyds Bank

‘I feel that I must congratulate you on the astounding training course you ran. After the course I was left with no doubt that the training provided real value for money and easily justified the time. The courses’ intensiveness, practical approach, structure and scope were incredibly effective.’

I.R. – London Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange

‘We routinely send our sales staff on the ‘Professional Selling Skills’ course, and having attended this myself I can say with total candour that the course and follow up material was exhilarating, instructive and head and shoulders above anything comparable in my experience.’

D.L. – Bernard Group

Bernard Group

‘I feel compelled to put in writing how outstanding this course is. It took the ‘myths’ out of selling and showed you instead a logical, common sense and workable way of winning business. Now that I am in a position whereby I need to develop and train others, I look no further than LDL.’

M.R. – Majestic Wine Warehouses Ltd

Majestic Wine

‘LDL is the perfect development partner for us... the quality of their trainers is second to none. Without recruiting any more staff, we brought in more revenue in the first four months of this year after the training than we did in the whole of the year before we partnered with LDL.’

A.T. – Specsavers


‘For the first time, my ideas and thoughts on management and leadership have been brought sharply into perspective… I gained more insight into this fascinating subject in two days of the course than in the last 15 years of ‘experience’ in management or leadership roles.’

M.S. – Financial Times

Financial Times

‘Employees feel more involved and passionate about the business than ever before and that’s reflected in our business results. LDL’s help in developing our people and processes enabled us to make twice as much profit as anticipated… LDL’s trainers are the best I’ve ever encountered.’

J.B. – CoStar


‘Presenting to any audience of nearly 200 people can be daunting but add the complexity of 16+ cultures and languages and you have a real challenge. LDL met that challenge and then some! I really appreciate your dedication and total professionalism and in many ways view you as part of the team.’

F.M. – Progress Software

Progress Software

‘I truly believe that if we are able to implement even half of the principles and strategies you covered then it will have an extremely positive effect on our business. Most of all, thank you for making it fun. Glad to see you still consider that the most effective mood for learning.’

A.M. – Bupa


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Sales & Leadership Tips From Taylor Swift

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The First Rule of Business – Be Responsive

Top sportspeople when they are not playing at their best, know the key to get back on form is to revisit the basics. Golfers use a coach to check their swing, tennis players their shots. Mastery of the fundamentals is where excellence begins. The same applies to sales and leadership.

How to get people to like you - foundation sales skill
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Investors in people
Investors in people