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The First Rule of Business – Be Responsive

Top sportspeople when they are not playing at their best, know the key to get back on form is to revisit the basics. Golfers use a coach to check their swing, tennis players their shots. Mastery of the fundamentals is where excellence begins. The same applies to sales and leadership.

How to get people to like you - foundation sales skill
How To Get People To Like You

You’ve heard it before – people buy people first, and whatever else second. It’s one of the timeless principles of selling and it is as true today as it has always been. If people don’t feel they can work with you, if they don’t feel comfortable or trust you, they will usually not tell you – but they

Solution selling - fall in love with the problem
Your New Sales Credo?

‘Fall In Love with the Problem, Not the Solution’ is the title of the best selling book by Uri Levine. Written as a practical guide for startups and entrepreneurs the book highlights the importance of fully understanding the concerns of your target market and making that your priority, NOT your solution. The same applies to selling. In fact, it

Reduce perception of risk - foundation sales skill
Reduce Risk – Foundation Sales Skill

If you want to persuade your customer to buy your solution, you must first convince them that the risk of doing so is low. Buying is a risky business, especially in today’s economy. Salespeople often fear rejection, but the customer also has a fear – the fear of making a mistake, of paying too much, […]

Encouragement - your leadership superpower
Encouragement – Your Leadership Superpower

Do you perform better with encouragement? So do your people. Think of encouragement as a gift you give to bring out the best in others. As a manager, think of your last interaction with a member of your team, take a moment to reflect on

The MInd Game of Sales
Master The Mind Game of Selling

      Selling, like sport, has its highs and its lows. When things are going well it’s the greatest job in the world – we love the feel of winning. But what happens when things don’t click for us or the market toughens and we hit a dry spell? It’s easy to lose confidence and begin […]

Today Everyone Sells

In today’s changing market the ability to persuade and influence is a key part of everyone’s job. Whether you are selling, negotiating, marketing, advertising, coaching, leading, managing, speaking in public or online, you are persuading others to accept your ideas.

Great managers think everyone grows here
Great Managers Think – Everyone Grows Here

On leadership and management training courses we often ask participants: Would you rather work for someone who uses your talent or grows your talent? Naturally, everyone wants to work for a manager who grows their talent but what’s it like working for you?

How to recruit the right people in sales and management
How To Recruit The Right People

The phrase ‘People are our most valuable asset’ is often used in workplaces, but it’s not entirely accurate. The truth is that the ‘right people’ are the most valuable asset. Therefore, excellent recruitment practices are crucial, particularly when hiring managers and salespeople


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