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Exceptional management training courses for all levels
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LDL management training courses are available in-person and virtual, both open and fully bespoke and cater for all levels of manager – from Introduction to Management to The Senior Management Programme. ISO Quality and IIP accredited.

An investment in management training embraces more than the individual. It’s an investment in the whole team because your managers learn how to coach, support and develop their people. When managers become skilled leaders, results improve, attrition reduces and everyone enjoys the workplace more.

“Engaging, energetic and there was never a dull moment. The course content was relevant and I am taking a great deal away from this experience.”

– BT, Office Manager, Redline Group Ltd

Management Training Courses
In-Person or Virtual Management Training

For most programmes we also offer engaging, live, virtual instructor-led training VILT.

Transform Managers into Leaders

To outperform your competition you must get the very best from your people. LDL leadership and management training courses provide innovative, usable and proven strategies to help you develop a modern, people-centred leadership style.

Leadership at its core is about inspiring people to outperform themselves. Effective leaders breathe life, confidence and ‘can-do’ into an organisation. They unlock 30% discretionary effort. They move us. People work for a manager – they do their best for a leader.

LDL management training courses aim to transform managers at every level of your business into leaders. We work with you to create a culture where people take responsibility for their actions and believe in themselves.

You can even try LDL management training without making any financial investment at all – by downloading our free 3-part management training course:

Free 3-part Management Training Course
How to manage your team for great results. Step-by-step you learn how to increase performance. Coach. Delegate. Inspire. Give feedback and be a star manager.
SKILL + WILL™ = Management Training That Works

The LDL Skill + Will™ approach emphasises the essential duality of any management role – you must give people both the skill to achieve and the confidence to perform. This is LDL’s differentiator and why our clients keep coming back.

Open courses are held in London. All programmes can be tailored and conducted in-company. We come to you. Complete an enquiry form or call us on +44 (0)20 7381 6233 to find out more.

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