Sales Training, Management Training, Negotiation and Presentation Skills

LDL – Leadership Development Ltd – is a thriving learning provider achieving results through in-person and virtual sales training, management training, negotiation trainingpresentation skills training and customer service training at all levels of an organisation – from senior management to front line staff.

More than half ‘The Sunday Times Top 25 Best Big Companies to Work For’ have used LDL, plus dozens of SMEs and start ups, so you are assured a tried and tested intervention. More than 600,000 people have participated in LDL programmes so far.

At LDL we offer open programmes, in-company tailored solutions, including one-to-one coaching and online courses. We hope you enjoy exploring the site, and finding out more about how we can help you and your business grow.

Sales Training

Today everyone is in sales, and your business will only be able to fulfil its potential with a strong sales force. We offer a wide range of high impact introductory and advanced programmes, available open or in-company.

Leadership & Management Training

To outperform the competition you must get the very best from your people. At LDL we provide innovative, usable and proven strategies to help you develop a modern people-centred leadership style.

Presentation Skills Training

Presentation skills are more important than ever. And whether on your feet, on screen, in writing, over the phone, or face to face, we can help you to better articulate your ideas and engage your audiences.

Negotiation Training

Negotiating skills are vital. No other form of training has such an immediate, measurable effect on the bottom line. LDL cover all types of negotiation, with a specialist team set up for lawyers and accountants.

Tailored Solutions

At LDL, learning solutions designed specifically for your business represents the core of what we do. We can equip your people with the skills and confidence they need to support your company vision.

Professional Services

Learn more about the specialist work we do with clients in the professional services sector: lawyers, accountants, advertising professionals, architects, engineers, consultants and financial advisors.


  • Encouragement - your leadership superpower

    Encouragement – Your Leadership Superpower

    Do you perform better with encouragement? So do your people. Think of encouragement as a gift you give to bring out the best in others. As a manager, think of your last interaction with a member of your team, take a moment to reflect on

  • The MInd Game of Sales

    Master The Mind Game of Selling

          Selling, like sport, has its highs and its lows. When things are going well it’s the greatest job in the world – we love the feel of winning. But what happens when things don’t click for us or the market toughens and we hit a dry spell? It’s easy to lose confidence and begin

  • Today-everyone-sells

    Today Everyone Sells

    In today’s changing market the ability to persuade and influence is a key part of everyone’s job. Whether you are selling, negotiating, marketing, advertising, coaching, leading, managing, speaking in public or online, you are persuading others to accept your ideas.