Blended Learning

epromtsHow do you make learning & development last? How do you maintain the momentum back at work?


The answer is follow-up. Follow-up is essential to achieve a faster learning curve. LDL blended solutions combine classroom programmes with elearning prompts.


The combination of face-to-face development with post event elearning is increasingly recognised as the way to go by clients looking for the best return on their learning investment.


eprompts – LDL’s on-line learning reinforcement system.


Here’s how it works. You or your team attend an instructor led programme where the skill rich, interactive, high-impact style provides the learning necessary to help you achieve your objectives. However your learning experience does not end with the programme. One week after the programme concludes you receive in your inbox the first of three weekly eprompts.


Each prompt is designed to:



LDL eprompts keep the momentum going and are available on most open and in-company courses. A free e-helpdesk is also available on all courses. In-company clients can have elearning follow-up tailored to their exact requirements.

“These (e)reminders are fantastic, thank you so much. I’m sharing them with other directors here.”
— SG, Partner, Grant Butler Coomer, Public Relations

In-company, the blended approach can also include:



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