Embed the Learning – The LDL Difference

LDL learning solutions are accompanied by resources and methodologies to embed the learning back at work.

We are strong followers of the 70:20:10 principle which confirms what most of us instinctively know – most learning doesn’t occur in the training room, but on the job where new skills are applied. Reinforcement is key.

At LDL we use the opportunity of a formal intervention to set up and catalyse the whole learning process. Our training aims to inspire delegates to use their new skills through a high-energy, high-impact style. That’s what we’re known for.

Reinforcement methodologies include:

  • E-prompts

LDL eprompts keep the momentum going and are available on most open and in-company courses. One e-prompt is sent out each week for the three weeks immediately following the training. E-prompts are designed to remind participants of key skills, and to reignite the resolve to apply them.

  • Achievement stories

The best way to learn is to teach (share). Six to eight weeks post-programme, participants are invited to present their achievement story – one idea they learned from the programme, how they applied it and with what result.

  • Accountability partners

Each participant can be assigned an ‘Accountability Partner’ from the course. Within 24-48 hours of finishing the course, each participant contacts their partner with three action points and timescales for completion. The act of having somebody checking in encourages the participant to complete the action points effectively.

  • Follow-up sessions

Whether half-day in-company meetings or one-to-one coaching, follow-up sessions really help to extend and develop the learning process. Consultants are able to build working relationships with clients, and to provide a continuous source of advice and encouragement.

  • Webinars

Webinars can be arranged to remind delegates of key skills and to answer any questions they may have, as well as to provide further insights and coaching.

  • Supplementary online videos and resources

Additional online resources and reference materials to help participants retain and apply their new skills back at work. These include videos, course manuals, laminated cards and worksheets.

  • Mobile learningon-demand training

LDL have a mobile friendly, on-demand training platform to further reinforce key learnings. Programmes are available as part of a blended approach (live + online) or as a standalone option for management and sales development – useful for bringing new hires up to speed.