Robin F

Robin is one of the UK’s foremost leadership and sales improvement strategists. A science graduate he began his career in the electronics industry. He then moved into sales and realised the huge importance of focused learning.

Three decades ago, after breaking the new business record of one company within six months of joining, he decided to form LDL.

Robin’s approach is all about stretching people out of comfort zones and raising the bar through the application of Skill+WillTM learning.

As head of LDL, Robin has personally conducted over 900 seminars to 300,000 executives in the last twenty five years. His seminars on leadership, sales, negotiation, peak performance and success psychology draw capacity audiences wherever he appears. He is the author of two books, numerous magazine articles and Close That Sale! – the biggest selling programme in UK training history which attracted a staggering 128,000 delegates.

Outside work Robin is a keen sailor and spends most of his spare time afloat.