Skill + Will™ - The LDL Difference

Discover LDL’s unique winning formula – the sensational power of Skill plus Will™. To succeed in sales and leadership you need the right strategies PLUS the right mindset.


Skill plus WillYou are 37% better at sales and 31% more productive with a positive mindset, according to Harvard Professor Shawn Achor.


That’s why, alongside skills development, you’ll find our learning builds mental strength. By focusing on the internal dialogue that affects what people tell themselves, what they imagine and the way they think, our Skill + Will™ approach builds the confidence to perform.


Skill is essential, but what really makes the difference between good performance and great performance is the ‘will’ factor – commitment, focus and unshakeable belief. It makes the training stick. Skill + Will™ dramatically boosts the ability of participants to put their new skills into practice.


The Skill + Will™ model together with our:



… offers you a straightforward and inspirational approach to contemporary business challenges.


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