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To improve performance – whether in sales or negotiation or management or presentation – your people not only need the right skills, they need the strength and resilience to use them.

That’s why, alongside skills development, you’ll find our learning builds the right mindset. By focusing on the internal dialogue – what people tell themselves, what they imagine and the way they think, our Skill+Will™ approach builds the necessary resilience and confidence.

Skill is essential, but what really makes the difference between good performance and great performance is the ‘will’ factor – commitment, focus and strong belief. It makes the training stick. Skill+Will™ dramatically boosts the ability of participants to put their new skills into practice.

“You are 37% better at sales and 31% more productive with a positive mindset..”
-Professor Shawn Achor, Harvard
Implementing the model

The diagram below shows how Skill+Will™ helps your business to achieve performance excellence:

Operational/Management Factors
  • Process and procedures
  • Systems
  • Right tools for the task
  • Do people have clear goals
  • Planning
  • Skills training
  • Review and feedback
Attitude/Leadership Factors
  • Self-belief, confidence
  • Values: what do we stand for?
  • Climate: what’s it like to work here?
  • Motivation, energy, passion
  • Team spirit
  • Empowerment
  • Trust
Customer satisfaction, business expansion, employee motivation, stability, profitability.
The Skill+Will™ model together with our:
  • Determination to listen hardest
  • Absolute insistence on delivering practical ‘how to’ techniques
  • High energy, high impact style
  • Flexibility to match your requirements
  • Dedicated account managers

…offers you a straightforward and inspirational approach to contemporary business challenges.

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