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  • Encouragement - your leadership superpower

    Encouragement – Your Leadership Superpower

    6 November 2023

    Do you perform better with encouragement? So do your people. Think of encouragement as a gift you give to bring out the best in others. As a manager, think of your last interaction with a member of your team, take a moment to reflect on

  • The MInd Game of Sales

    Master The Mind Game of Selling

    27 September 2023

          Selling, like sport, has its highs and its lows. When things are going well it’s the greatest job in the world – we love the feel of winning. But what happens when things don’t click for us or the market toughens and we hit a dry spell? It’s easy to lose confidence and begin

  • Today-everyone-sells

    Today Everyone Sells

    3 July 2023

    In today’s changing market the ability to persuade and influence is a key part of everyone’s job. Whether you are selling, negotiating, marketing, advertising, coaching, leading, managing, speaking in public or online, you are persuading others to accept your ideas.

  • Great managers think everyone grows here

    Great Managers Think – Everyone Grows Here

    16 May 2023

    On leadership and management training courses we often ask participants: Would you rather work for someone who uses your talent or grows your talent? Naturally, everyone wants to work for a manager who grows their talent but what’s it like working for you?

  • How to recruit the right people in sales and management

    How To Recruit The Right People

    31 March 2023

    The phrase ‘People are our most valuable asset’ is often used in workplaces, but it’s not entirely accurate. The truth is that the ‘right people’ are the most valuable asset. Therefore, excellent recruitment practices are crucial, particularly when hiring managers and salespeople

  • Build credibility in sales

    Build Your Credibility – Key Steps To Becoming The Preferred Seller

    24 February 2023

    The biggest complaint customers have about salespeople is that they seem to know very little about their business, and make no attempt to learn more. Conversely the highest compliment a customer can give you is, ‘You understand our business.’

  • How to Close The Sale in today's market

    How To Close The Sale In Today’s Market

    11 January 2023

    It is flattering to imagine that you can sell in such a way that the customer ends up asking you for the business, rather than you needing to ask them. But people rarely bite immediately on hearing a pitch – you have to ask. With the introduction of all the ‘new’ ways of selling especially

  • 4 Laws of Motivation

    How Motivated Is Your Team?

    3 November 2022

    As a manager in today’s hybrid and increasingly turbulent economy, it is useful to step back and think about how motivated the individuals in your team are. Without motivation, the product doesn’t matter, and the idea doesn’t matter – because no one will be motivated to take any action. On our management training courses, we

  • What is your sales positioning?

    What Is Your Sales Positioning?

    29 October 2022

    How are you perceived by your target market? That’s ‘positioning’. Your most valuable asset is your reputation, it acts as a magnet for new business leads. Customers will choose you because of your reputation – that’s the real value of your brand

  • Confidence


    26 September 2022

    Whether you are in sales or management, confidence is the key ingredient that will allow you to succeed. When your confidence goes up, your competence goes up. People who believe in themselves put more into the task at hand and persist longer, increasing their chance of success. Learning new sales or management skills alone is

  • 3 Keys To Virtual Selling Best Practice

    3 Keys To Virtual Selling Best Practice

    17 August 2022

    Selling has changed. Virtual sales meetings are now being used by almost everyone. Surveys confirm many buyers prefer it. But this poses the question – When everyone is selling on screen how can you stand out and differentiate yourself? What is best practice?

  • What's your value proposition?

    What’s Your Value Proposition?

    14 July 2022

    It’s a fact of life, no one out there in your market has any interest in your products, your services, or your company. They don’t care what you offer. They really don’t. Instead people are interested in THEIR business, in solving THEIR challenges, in learning new ways THEY can operate

  • Management - can you inspire those around you?

    Can You Inspire Those Around You?

    12 May 2022

    As a modern manager, your ability to inspire those around you and improve their results will set you apart. It will accelerate your career perhaps more than any other factor. Recognising that your most precious possession is the people who work for you, and having the ability to draw out the best

  • Should you use team selling?

    Should You Use Team Selling?

    11 April 2022

    In current B2B sales, have you ever noticed that more people tend to be involved on the buyer’s side? There are often multiple influencers, multiple blockers, and multiple helpers. No two sales are going to be the same. To minimise risk, the key thing your customer is looking for is

  • Great managers lead by example

    Great Managers Lead by Example

    28 March 2022

    We live in challenging times. It’s vital to ask yourself, day in and day out: what sort of example do you set for your team? As a manager, it’s show-time all the time. Every phone call, every meeting, every speech, every presentation, every employee interaction, you are on show.

  • How to avoid giving discounts in sales

    How to Avoid Giving Discounts

    21 February 2022

    In sales have you ever been asked for a discount or had a client pushback on price? In this video Robin Fielder, LDL Founder, shares a proven framework that will transform your approach. Next time it happens you will know exactly what to do.

  • Skill for new salespeople

    One Skill Every New Seller Should Use

    10 December 2021

    To succeed in sales you must really want the business. This sounds obvious, but it is much deeper than it appears. Giving your customer the impression you will go the extra mile, you really want their business can be very persuasive. Think about your own experiences. Time and again if people have gone to great

  • People buy people first in sales

    People Still Buy People First

    11 October 2021

    People buy people first, and whatever else second. This is one of the timeless principles of selling and it hasn’t changed in today’s hybrid world. If people don’t feel they can work with you, if they don’t feel comfortable or trust you, they will usually not tell you – but they will buy from someone else.

  • Energise your team

    6 Tips To Energise Your Team

    21 August 2021

    Business is picking up and it might just be an exciting ride. For your team to thrive and bounce back strongly, a key aspect of your leadership and management role will be reenergising your team.What follows are six tips you can implement to help strengthen your culture and create a great place to work, be

  • Use Questions Not Reasons When Selling

    Use Questions Not Reasons When Selling

    21 June 2021

    For your customer, it’s not your product that is exciting, it’s the fixing of THEIR ISSUE that makes the product exciting. If everyone has great products and services then competition shifts from who has the best product to who can best improve the customer’s operations, and that’s what you need to be thinking about. To

  • Virtual-presentations-blog-post

    Virtual Presentation Skills Training

    13 April 2021

    Back in the tumultuous days of March 2020, our resident presentation skills team were wondering how to adapt the LDL Presentation Skills programme to the new remote working environment. At the time, we didn’t know if the transition to remote learning would be a temporary, or a permanent change. A year later, it seems like

  • Mind Game of Selling

    The Mind Game of Selling

    24 March 2021

    Top salespeople know it’s the mind game that makes or breaks them, especially in the new normal. Timothy Galway in his inner game books says, the theory of the inner game is that our performance is dependent on our state of mind, therefore the real game is to get into the right frame of mind and hold ourselves there.

  • 3 Ways To Build Your Leadership Resilience

    18 January 2021

    The great philosopher Mike Tyson famously said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”. Well, Covid has been a punch in the mouth for many of us. It has made leading a team harder than ever before. How do you lead when you can’t see your people, when you have reduced incentives, constant change and many other challenges?

  • How To Use Your ‘Meta Differentiators’ To Increase Sales

    11 November 2020

    As an experienced seller you will know how important it is to sell the difference to your customer. To succeed in a competitive market, where products and services are becoming more alike, you need to know what your differentiators are and how they benefit your customer. Often referred to as USPs, these differentiators exist in

  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) – A New Way To Train Your Team

    1 July 2020

    Traditional face-to-face (F2F) training has always been the default option for learning. It’s engaging, it’s interactive, and done well it’s enjoyable. But in today’s environment general unease around travel and group meetings make it less than ideal. While some may adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach, for others the solution is LIVE virtual instructor-led training (VILT).

  • Working from Home? – Tips to Sustain Connectedness (from Google’s Veronica Gilrane and LDL)

    27 March 2020

    Working from home may sound like a dream, but there are also major challenges. On this blog we show you how to sustain connectedness when working remotely with lessons from Google’s People Analytics Manager, Veronica Gilrane.

  • How To Be a Kick-ass Boss: ‘Radical Candor’ by Kim Scott

    31 January 2020

    As part of the LDL Learning Review, we are encouraging all of our team members to get involved in discussing the latest ideas and insights in the worlds of sales, management, leadership, negotiation and presentation skills training. This month, LDL’s Marketing Manager, Tom Fielder, reviews Kim Scott’s ‘Radical Candor’.

  • Can You Engage & Motivate Your Team?

    28 November 2019

    As a ‘modern manager’ you need to be able to lead, engage, motivate and inspire your team. Here are 15 quick tips which, if you apply, will help you get that little bit more from everyone around you.

  • Win More Sales With ROR

    6 November 2019

    You know about ROI – return on investment, but what about ROR – return on relationship? As products and services become more and more alike your customers are no longer buying product leadership. They are buying a trusted consultant.

  • Is This Disease Harming Your Sales?

    11 September 2019

    Do you believe in the value of what you sell? If you were asked that question I’m sure you would reply very positively. The trouble is, when we are involved with the same product or service week after week, month after month, year after year, our belief tends to become sterile.