Inspirational leaders are able to energise those around them irrespective of their job title. Here are 16 immediately actionable ways to help you get the very best from your team.

  1. Inspiration is not about some charisma gene. It’s about helping people to achieve their goals.
  1. You have to be motivated in order to motivate. Energy motivates. Listless leaders lead listless teams.
  1. Success isn’t taught. It’s caught. If we don’t have huge reserves of excitement about our company and what we sell, then we won’t create those feelings in our people.
  1. Delegate. When we let go, they grow.
  1. Inspirational leaders know how important personal appreciation and recognition is to maintaining a motivated team.
  1. Use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ more. It makes people feel valued.
  1. Write a quick post-it note of specific appreciation and place it on the person’s computer screen before you leave. It’s a nice surprise in the morning.
  1. What people cannot stand is unrealistic, deluded leadership.
  1. In challenging times, see things as they are. Not worse. Find something to move towards. Without a vision, people perish.
  1. ‘You shouldn’t be looking for people slipping up, you should be looking for all the good things people do and praising those’ – Richard Branson
  1. Ask employees ‘What are you great at? What do you want to be famous for here? At PepsiCo they ask ‘What’s your SPIKE? What are you great at?
  1. ‘When someone does something good, applaud. You will make two people happy’ – Samuel Goldwyn
  1. Would you follow someone if nothing is ever good enough? Find opportunities to tell people they’ve done well. Be genuine.
  1. Praise in public. Correct in private.
  1. Expect the best. Good teams want to be held to high standards.
  1. The opposite of a leader is not a follower, it’s a pessimist.

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