As a ‘modern manager’ you need to be able to lead, engage, motivate and inspire your team. Here are 15 quick tips which, if you apply, will help you get that little bit more from everyone around you. 

  1. Make others feel capable, confident and strong. Choose to be a leader who brings out the best in people.
  2. Use the four most important words in any business – ‘What do you think?’
  3. Set the direction. You must know where you are going if you expect others to join you on the journey.
  4. Throw down a challenge. People respond to a challenge.
  5. Create a culture where people have a tremendous opportunity to be heard. Sometimes all you have to do to inspire people is to listen and act on what you hear. Carry a notebook and write ideas down.
  6. Give your people ‘air cover’ – support them, especially if something goes wrong.
  7. People do best when they believe in themselves. So your job is to encourage people to believe in themselves.
  8. Lead by example, especially with attitude. It is the leader’s responsibility to be upbeat regardless of the situation. Always look for one, two or three good things to focus on.
  9. Employees are more sensitive to mood than leaders often realise. Optimism is a force multiplier.
  10. Change self-talk from a beaten up style to a warrior style.
  11. The leader takes most of the blame and gives most of the praise away.
  12. The three most dangerous words – ‘I know that’. They are the verbal equivalent of a closed mind.
  13. If you treat people like they make a difference, they will make a difference – Jim Goodnight, CEO, SAS.
  14. Is your culture what you want or has it defaulted into a path of least resistance? Creating and maintaining a strong, vibrant, aligned culture takes work otherwise it can become a silent brake on progress.
  15. Be candid. Outline the challenges. Explain your plan. Ask for advice.

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