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  • sales referrals

    Consultative Sales Training – Ask For Referrals

    17 October 2012

    Something that never ceases to amaze me is the effort that many organisations direct towards getting new business while overlooking their existing client base. That’s crazy – it’s like filling a bucket that has a hole in it.

  • top performer

    Decide To Be A Top Performer

    14 October 2012

    Many people start a new job or their job description changes and they have the attitude, ‘I’ll wait and see whether or not this job comes up to my expectations.’

  • sales training

    Consultative Sales Training – The Vital Ingredient

    14 September 2012

    The ability to convince yourself of your potential is the greatest selling skill of all. To win more business with this approach, one of the questions you must ask yourself is: ‘Am I a two- or three dimensional salesperson?’

  • positive mindset

    Protect Your Positive Mindset

    11 July 2012

    Protect your attitude in sales and leadership roles

    The laws of aerodynamics tell us that the bumble bee cannot fly. Its wings are too small, it’s too heavy, it has insufficient muscle and it’s the wrong shape. Technically there is no known way that a bumble bee can get off the ground. But fortunately, no one has told the bees and they carry on flying around.