On leadership and management training courses we often ask participants: Would you rather work for someone who uses your talent or grows your talent?

Naturally, everyone wants to work for a manager who grows their talent – especially in today’s environment – but what’s it like working for you?

Think about your approach to management and leadership, and develop the mindset ‘everyone grows here’. Your task as a manager is to improve results, but unless you build the people in your team you are likely to find it increasingly difficult to build their performance.

So how do you build people? By making them feel more capable and confident. Help them to believe in themselves.  

As an illustration, think of a recent interaction with someone who attempted to influence you. This could have been inside or outside your workplace.

At the end of their attempt, did they leave you feeling more, or less, capable? If you were left feeling more capable you are more likely to persist.

On the other hand, if you were left feeling less capable, then you are more likely to slump. That’s true isn’t it? Now reverse the roles, and think of the last time you attempted to influence someone inside or outside the workplace – Did you leave them feeling more or less capable?

Making someone feel more capable gives them the energy and mindset to hang in there, to persist, to give it their all. It motivates.

As a manager and leader it is vital to realise that every interaction you have with an individual on your team has the potential to be either a high-point, or a low-point, in their day. Leadership is about transforming these interactions into positive touch-points. Touch-points that leave your people feeling more capable, confident and strong. We live in a hi-tech world but leadership is a hi-touch occupation.

Catch People Doing Something Right, Or Almost Right. It Builds Them.

Every survey shows people want more feedback, but feedback must be fair. Who wants to work for someone who is constantly saying this is wrong, this is wrong, this is wrong. When the only news we get is bad news, we have trouble believing that any aspect of what we do is acceptable. Feedback must be fair.

We are not saying don’t point out what is wrong. Part of your job is to point out what is wrong and correct it. What we are saying is that there must be balance. When you catch people doing something wrong, it can make them defensive. When you catch people doing something right, it makes them want to improve further.

At the start of your next meeting spend a moment with each person thanking or recognising a personal best. Think about how that will help the meeting to start on a positive note.

Management vs Leadership – A Summary

A manager sees people as they are, a leader sees people as they could be. A while ago we were asked ‘If you had to boil leadership down to just one concept what would it be?’

We thought about it carefully and boiled it down to one key question. We believe almost all of modern leadership revolves around this question:

‘How do I feel about me when I’m with you?’

If you make me feel capable, confident and strong, I’ll go the extra mile for you.

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