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How You Sell Is Becoming THE Differentiator

Posted on January 5th, 2013

As products and services become more and more alike the customer is starting to rank sales person effectiveness above product quality and features ie: how you sell is becoming THE differentiator.


To better understand how to upskill your sales team it’s useful to investigate the 4 levels of sales team effectiveness – each level adds more value for the customer. As your team moves towards Level 4 you are much more likely to win the business.


Level 1 sales teams sell products and services. The ‘talking brochure’. There is not much value in having a Level 1 sales team in this market place. They are effectively redundant – superseded by the web.


Level 2 sales teams add great customer service – a great ‘brand’ experience. People enjoy doing business with them. People buy people first. At every touchpoint they set out to delight their customers.


Level 3 sales teams add value by solving problems. This is the ‘Consultative’ solution selling approach. The benchmark for B to B sales – and therein lies a challenge. As more and more sales teams become expert at Consultative selling, offering similar products and services, how are you going to differentiate yourselves in the eyes of the customer?


You need to add value


Especially for larger sales, you need to go to Level 4.


Level 4 sales teams go one step further and act as a ‘Partner’. They are viewed by the customer as part of their management team. They bring the customer new insights – new ways to improve their business. When a Level 4 sales person sits in front of a customer he or she presents new information on how they can run their business more effectively. They get the reaction – ‘We hadn’t thought of that before’. Level 4 sellers identify prospects by asking ‘Who can we teach something to?’


Level 4 sellers add the most value and win the most sales. The acid test of Level 4 is to ask whether your customer would still hire you as a consultant if you no longer had your product or service to sell.


Whatever your starting point, LDL sales training with its focus on Consultative-Partner selling enables your sales team to move step-by-step towards Level 4.


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