Most people in this country go to bed hungry, not for food, but for praise. Recognition is one of the most underused motivational tools so voice your appreciation of good work and give positive feedback wherever possible.

Recognize both exceptional individual contribution as well as teamwork. Think of encouragement as a gift you can give to bring out the best in others.

After your next phone call or email, take a moment to reflect on how it made the person at the other end feel. Did it leave them feeling terrific about themselves or demotivated about their shortcomings?

If the later, try using phrases such as “The thing I like about you is…”or “I’ve been thinking about your strengths” or “What impresses me most about you is…” much more often.

Be a supportive coach

Ranting and chastising your staff is counter-productive because it won’t get you the desired result. Coaching and support is what’s needed.

Inspirational leaders look at the mistakes their people make as opportunities for coaching so that those mistakes won’t happen again.

Most of us like our leadership to be ‘sunny side up’ and a little soft in the middle. But in our fast moving and increasingly unforgiving world, it is those who are also prepared to be direct and straight talking who are being listened to and rising to the top.

Keep your feedback inspirational by letting your people know you believe in them.

Appreciate others

Genuine appreciation from you can taste better than anything – even a pay rise.

Let the people around you know how important they are. The leader’s job is to make heroes not be one.

Simply saying ‘Please’ and ‘ Thank you’ more can make a big difference. Few things are more powerful than a genuine ‘Thank you’.

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