How we say things is often more important than what we say. Communication and energy cannot be separated. Communication is an inside-out process.

When you attend one of our live courses in front of you is a tent card. Your name faces the trainer and facing you is the phrase, ‘Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.’

People enjoy doing business with enthusiastic, energetic people. We are not talking about an over-the-top exuberance, but the enthusiasm that comes from a belief and conviction in the value of what we do. That enthusiasm is the highest-paid quality on earth. Be sure your training highlights its importance.

The ability to excite people

A hundred plus years ago Andrew Carnegie – the Bill Gates of his era, gave one of his staff a million-dollar annual bonus, a staggering amount for the time. When a reporter asked him why, Carnegie replied, ‘Because he has the ability to excite people. I’ll pay more for that trait than for any other.’

It’s exasperating when organisations spend so much on advertising and then throw it away by not hiring good people and training them how to optimise the interest generated. Maybe they think such things a waste of money. Low-energy people communicate a loser’s attitude. If they are uninspired by their products and services, why should the customer be otherwise?

How to handle enquiries

Listening to the radio at home one Sunday morning, Judi Dench led an appeal ‘Donate £ 12 and help an old lady to see’.

I was moved and thought what a brilliant, fabulous appeal. Eager to contribute, I picked up the phone, credit card to hand. The telesales person who answered had one of the flattest, most disinterested, unenthusiastic, mechanical, boring tones I have encountered. She deflated my enthusiasm in an instant. I did contribute, but if she had reciprocated my enthusiasm she could so easily have increased my donation – and turned me into a regular contributor. This lady let her organisation down.

Contrast that with the Holiday Inn in Paris. I called to order room service and was greeted with an energetic, bright, fresh ‘Good morning.’ Although that happened eight years ago, I was so impressed I’ve been telling the story ever since. And whenever I’m in Paris, that’s where I stay.

When you are selling, people will agree to buy based more on your conviction and enthusiasm than on your excellent product knowledge.

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