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  • culture training

    What’s it like to work in your culture?

    20 March 2014

    You may have the best skills and processes in the world but if the attitude is missing your team will not reach peak performance. Leadership, at its heart, is about leading attitudes. And remember, anyone who is responsible for the performance of others is a leader.

  • laws planets

    The Laws of Success – Part II

    3 March 2014


    Here is Part II of the Laws of Success. Straightforward but unbreakable principles, which have helped thousands of people in every walk of life, to achieve their potential.

  • laws of success

    The Laws of Success – Part I

    20 February 2014

    No matter where you are on the planet, the law of gravity applies — it’s in you, it’s around you, it’s part of you. It’s a law of nature — a physical law, and it cannot be broken.

  • nelson mandela

    The Secret Of Nelson Mandela’s Ability?

    12 December 2013

    Barack Obama speaking at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service said “And while I will always fall short of Madiba’s example, he makes me want to be a better man”. What a fantastic example of Mandela’s ability to inspire.

  • handling difficult choices

    Management Training – How Do You Handle A Difficult Conversation?

    6 August 2013

    Inevitably you will find it necessary to have a tough conversation with one of your reports at some stage. Either because their performance has slipped for some reason or their attitude is not as positive as you expect.

  • sales questions

    Sales Probing Questions

    14 June 2013

    Here’s an exercise you can use to come up with useful probing questions. Think of one of your current customers and brainstorm the potential problems/issues they might have (and the opportunities they would like to realise). Choose areas you know your product or service can help solve. Make a list of them.

  • overcome challenges

    How To Overcome Reluctance

    13 May 2013

    I remember how hard it was to make those initial calls early in my career. I used to sit there staring at the phone. I’d pick it up and think, ‘No way, I can’t call. He won’t want to speak to me. I’ll feel an idiot.’ So I’d put the phone down again.

  • key account management

    Key Account Management – Cover The Bases. Part 2

    27 March 2013

    Successful Key Account Managers know the importance of building a wide network of contacts within their accounts. Part 1 looked at the financial buyer who will sign off the funding for the purchase, let’s now look at some of the other key players:

  • key account management

    Key Account Management – Cover The Bases. Part 1

    23 March 2013

    To succeed in key account management we must make lots of contacts and talk to lots of people within the account. One of the ways customers reduce risk is to ensure that as many of their people as possible are in favour of the decision.

  • negotiation training

    Negotiation Training – How To Handle Deadlock

    9 March 2013

    Sometimes a buyer will deliberately deadlock in order to lower your aspirations. She will take you to the edge of the cliff and see how tough you talk then.

  • be determined

    Be Determined

    21 February 2013

    Let people sense your strong will to succeed. You communicate with your words, your appearance, your manners, but especially with your sense of purpose. Certainty is more persuasive than charm. In business as in sport, the person who wins is usually the one who wants it the most.

  • inspiring leader

    Are You Inspiring To Work For?

    9 February 2013

    Love them or lose them. As the economy brightens engagement is hugely important. You need to make sure each of your people think ‘this is the best place for me to be’.

  • lead change

    How To Lead Change – Positively

    24 January 2013

    The only certainty about change is that it will never be this slow in the future. Everyone has resistance to change, but research shows those with high performance potential have lower resistance.

  • motivated people

    How You Motivate People

    1 December 2012

    In a leadership role, and anyone who is responsible for the performance of others is a leader, you are always setting an example whether consciously or not. If you’re hacked off who is going to pick it up? Everyone.

  • sales referrals

    Consultative Sales Training – Ask For Referrals

    17 October 2012

    Something that never ceases to amaze me is the effort that many organisations direct towards getting new business while overlooking their existing client base. That’s crazy – it’s like filling a bucket that has a hole in it.

  • top performer

    Decide To Be A Top Performer

    14 October 2012

    Many people start a new job or their job description changes and they have the attitude, ‘I’ll wait and see whether or not this job comes up to my expectations.’

  • sales training

    Consultative Sales Training – The Vital Ingredient

    14 September 2012

    The ability to convince yourself of your potential is the greatest selling skill of all. To win more business with this approach, one of the questions you must ask yourself is: ‘Am I a two- or three dimensional salesperson?’

  • positive mindset

    Protect Your Positive Mindset

    11 July 2012

    Protect your attitude in sales and leadership roles

    The laws of aerodynamics tell us that the bumble bee cannot fly. Its wings are too small, it’s too heavy, it has insufficient muscle and it’s the wrong shape. Technically there is no known way that a bumble bee can get off the ground. But fortunately, no one has told the bees and they carry on flying around.

  • Set The Direction

    The First Rule of Leadership – Set the Direction

    5 July 2012

    Your ability to set the direction, quite rightly, is a key focus of good leadership training. What’s your goal? What key areas do you need to work on? What are the priorities?

    Your responsibility to your followers is to be clear about where you are headed. You must define the performance objective.

  • Leadership sweet spot

    The Leadership Sweet Spot

    19 June 2012

    In this hard to predict economy, two themes are clear – first, competition is strong and getting stronger. Your competition is just a click away. And second, as products and services become more and more alike, the difference is people. The only thing your competitors cannot copy is the relationships you have with your team and your customers. That’s why inspirational leadership training is vital to business success.

  • 12 Major causes of failure in leadership

    The 12 Major Causes of Failure in Leadership

    19 May 2012

    Leadership training normally focuses on what you should do, however it is is just as important to know what NOT to do.

  • New model of leadership

    The New Model of Leadership

    15 May 2012

    GrowthStream is highly practical, so you can use it to address real problems
    People leadership is the new core competency. To thrive in today’s market we simply cannot afford to field anything but teams of A players.