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Here are some of our incredible clients for whom we have designed and delivered focused learning solutions. We are delighted to have played a small part in their success.

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Trusted by over 100+ companies
‘My last LDL course proved the best investment in time and money I’ve made and I have no doubt I will look back on this one and feel the same’
– K.O. – Marsh
‘Our results to date owe much to LDL’s very professional and disciplined training consultants who have ‘customised’ the courses to meet our requirements.’
– M.G. – Nat West Bank plc
‘I cannot recall any other programme (Internal or external) from which we have received 100% positive feedback’.
- J.W. – Marriott
‘I have yet to organise another programme which has stimulated so much positive feedback from delegates so unanimously!’
- D.L. – Nestlé UK
‘Extremely informative….enthusiastically run by brilliant/vibrant instructor who conveyed the course messages extremely well.’
– C.P. – Intel Corporation
‘Quest Software has continued to grow in double digit revenues and we can certainly point to our relationship with LDL as being a contributing factor in this maintained growth.’
– F.G. – Quest Software
‘We brought in more revenue in the first four months after the LDL training than we did in the whole of the year before. Every individual exceeded performance targets.’
- A.T. – Specsavers
‘Superb, excellent, wonderful! – some of the words from our managers’ critique sheets, and these are not people who are inclined to heap praise on anyone’.
- C.S. – Mazda
‘Your skill in interpreting the brief, selecting relevant material, and delivering it in the correct style for the audience, is testimony to your professionalism, and the consistency of the LDL approach’.
- S.H. – Kimberley Clark
‘In my management career I have had the pleasure of commissioning LDL on several separate occasions. Each time I have been delighted with the course, the high standard of tutoring and the resultant skills increases.’
– R.H. – Powerhouse
‘After just having attended your ‘Professional Sales Management’ course I felt impelled to write and tell you that they were the most inspirational, informative and positive three days of my life!’
- M.R. – London Graphic Centre
‘I have now heard from each of the managers who attended the course and the comments have been extremely positive. One individual in particular sighted it as the best course he has attended in over 20 years of working for Lloyds Bank. High praise indeed’.
- M.O’L. – Lloyds TSB
‘Dynamic and motivational. This is the second LDL course I have attended, both times the tutor has presented an excellent well thought out course. I have learned a great deal about leadership and myself.’
– M.E. – BMW (GB)
‘LDL has played a pivotal role in dramatically improving our sales conversion rates – sales up by 18%, profits up to 23% since we used LDL Consultative Selling Skills to train our Global Sales Team.’
– M.R. – NComputing
‘After the great day on Effective Time Management I just wanted to pass on my thanks. The trainers did a great job. It gave me lots of good ideas I intend to use and develop, many of them straight after I write this letter!’
- G.E. – New Holland Power Components
‘We routinely send our sales staff on the ‘Professional Selling Skills’ course, and having attended this myself I can say with total candour that the course and follow up material was exhilarating, instructive and head and shoulders above anything comparable in my experience.’
- D.L. – Bernard Group
‘For the first time, my ideas and thoughts on management and leadership have been brought sharply into perspective… I gained more insight into this fascinating subject in two days of the course than in the last 15 years of ‘experience’ in management or leadership roles.’
– M.S. – Financial Times
‘I feel that I must congratulate you on the astounding training course you ran. After the course I was left with no doubt that the training provided real value for money and easily justified the time. The courses’ intensiveness, practical approach, structure and scope were incredibly effective.’
– I.R. – London Stock Exchange
‘LDL’s trainers are the best I’ve ever encountered. They are enthusiastic and set high standards without intimidating less experienced staff. Everyone is fully supported in developing themselves and taking their career up a level. Next LDL is going to help us get employees to set their own performance standards, to empower them to grow even more.’
- J.B. – CoStar
‘Our thanks to the LDL team for the very successful series of in-house sales training courses that have taken place over the past 2 years. Their success was due in very large part to the energy and enthusiasm put into every session and the professionalism that’s been widely recognised and respected by all Air Products delegates who attended.’
- M.W. – Air Products
‘Presenting to any audience of nearly 200 people can be daunting but add the complexity of 16+ cultures and languages and you have a real challenge. You met that challenge and then some! I really appreciate your dedication and total professionalism and in many ways view you as part of the team.’
– F.M. – Progress Software
‘I feel compelled to put in writing how outstanding this course is. It took the ‘myths’ out of selling and showed you instead a logical, common sense and workable way of winning business. Now that I am in a position whereby I need to develop and train others, I look no further than LDL. They return from you highly motivated, inspired, enthusiastic and focused.’
– M.R. – Majestic Wine Warehouses Ltd
‘Having just returned from an LDL course on Telephone Selling I felt compelled to write and congratulate you on an informative and enjoyable 2 days. The presentation and enthusiasm really made the course a pleasure to attend and the training I received certainly gave me new ideas in my approach to telesales. I would have no hesitation in recommending this, or any other LDL course, to my colleagues.’
- S.L. – Express & Echo
‘A lot of the session was two-way. Our instructor was excellent at taking onboard our ideas and expanding on them. The course never felt like we were being dictated to, but as if everyone was working towards an understanding of what being a good manager/leader entails.’
- J.A. – Hawkeye Innovations
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