Live Virtual Training

In addition to classroom training our consultancy team are equipped to deliver VILT – Virtual Instructor Led Training, so that we can continue to support the organisations we work with to develop their sales, management, leadership, negotiation and presentation skills.

LDL live virtual training is designed to closely resemble the classroom experience. Your delegates interact with the tutor and with each other. They can ask questions, participate in break-out groups and take part in role-plays, polls and exercises just like a live classroom

Our approach is built around 4 concepts:

  1. Small class sizes – this keeps learners alert and provides more instructor time to discuss individual challenges
  2. Bite-size segments – each session is 90 mins max with no more than 3 sessions per day. Reflection and exercise time between sessions
  3. High levels of interactivity and individual accountability
  4. Energised instructors with years of experience at delivering training that hits the mark

We have built significant expertise in our virtual training capability and most programmes from LDL’s training portfolio are available in this format. Read more about virtual training.

Two core areas we believe are vital:

1. Managing Teams & Individuals

The most demanding part of every manager’s job right now is how to manage, motivate, inspire and lead their teams. Managing a team of people and keeping them focused and motivated can be challenging enough in ordinary times – but how do you coach, implement performance management and maintain morale when many continue to work remotely? Learn more about LDL management training programmes.

2. Virtual Selling Skills

Selling skills are as important as ever for organisations seeking to win business in today’s hybrid work environment. But the new arrangements also present challenges for salespeople. How do you communicate and build trust with your customers and prospects if you are unable to meet them? Learn more about LDL’s The New Professional Selling Skills.

Virtual selling is here to stay. Learn more about the 3 keys to virtual selling best practice.

Virtual programmes are usually delivered via Zoom.

Blended Online Training

In addition to our provision of live virtual training and coaching, we are also able to offer clients access to our on-demand training platform, LDL Online. The platform offers two complete courses: The Inspirational Leader for Managers, and The New Rules of Selling for your salespeople, as well as a short course, Negotiate to Win.

These courses have been developed to the highest standards of online learning, and are each delivered in bitesize lessons (from 3 to 15 minutes each). Repetition and reinforcement are key factors in the learning process, and the great advantage of online training is that repetition is at your fingertips. Online training can be blended with VILT as required.

Get in Touch

Please get in touch with our team to discuss our virtual instructor-led training and online courses further. You can call +44(0)20 7381 6233 or email or complete enquiry form.

Learn more about LDL Sales Training and Management Training.