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VIDEO – Resonate Your Voice

In sales your voice is your most valuable asset. When you sound good people listen. This video explains simple exercises you can use to strengthen your voice and enhance your sales effectiveness.

ARTICLE – 7 ‘Secrets’ of Persuasion – How To Sell An Idea

Whatever you do your ability to persuade is the difference that makes a difference.

VIDEO – Key Account Management

When selling to key accounts you encounter multiple decision influencers – each with their own agenda. Here you’ll learn how to sell to each level.

VIDEO – Why You Must Sell At Level 4

Learn the four levels of salesperson effectiveness. Each level adds more value to the customer and so increases the likelihood of a sale.

DOWNLOAD – LACPOMAC® Sales Training 21 page PDF

How to use the LACPOMAC® model to optimise your selling effectiveness and keep you on track.

VIDEO – How Aspiration Levels Affect The Outcome

Aspiration levels are fundamental to any negotiation.

ARTICLE – Six Tips To Help You Negotiate Effectively

ARTICLE – The Future Of Selling – Consultative Partnering

How to use LACPAAC® In Sales Follow-Up

VIDEO – ONE Mistake You Must Never Make In Sales

ARTICLE – How to Sell Solutions in 2023

VIDEO – Gap Analysis Selling

In this sales training video you’ll learn how to uncover a ‘gap’. And how to handle the customer who says “We’re happy with our current supplier”.


VIDEO – Build Your Resilience

DOWNLOAD – 3 Part Management Training Course

VIDEO – How To Delegate

VIDEO – The Emotional Bank Account

10 Differences Between A Winner And A Loser

ARTICLE – 10 Differences Between A Winner And A Loser

DOWNLOAD – 10.5 Quick Tips To Inspire Your Team

Handling conflict as a manager

ARTICLE – Handling Conflict by Angela Jones


VIDEO – Build Your Self-Belief & Confidence

In this video training session you’ll learn 3 ways to build your confidence. Selling is not just about sales skills, it’s about having the self-belief and confidence to use them.

ARTICLE – The Mind Completes The Picture

if you’ve been TELLING yourself ‘I’m a great salesperson’, ‘I’m a good manager’, but SEEING the opposite — the opposite is what you get.

ARTICLE – Four Rules To Overcome Adversity

A famous actress once remarked, ‘It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.’ Here are four rules to help:

ARTICLE – Acres Of Diamonds

VIDEO – The Secret of Success

VIDEO – Boost Your Productivity