10 Differences Between A Winner And A Loser

Whether you are a salesperson or a manager you will achieve much more with a winner’s mindset. To help you and your team develop this way of thinking, here are ten differences between a winner and a loser – and a short video on the biggest difference

  1. A winner makes mistakes and says, “I was wrong”. A loser says, “It wasn’t my fault”.
  2. A winner credits his good luck for winning even though it wasn’t luck. A loser credits his bad luck for losing, but it wasn’t luck.
  3. A winner works harder than a loser and has more time. A loser is always ‘too busy’, too busy staying a failure.
  4. A winner goes through a problem and a loser goes around it.
  5. A winner shows he’s sorry by making up for it. A loser says he’s sorry but he does the same thing next time.
  6. A winner knows what to fight for and what to compromise on. A loser compromises on what he should not and fights for what isn’t worth fighting for. Every day is a battle for life and it is very important that we are fighting for the right things and not wasting our time with trivia.
  7. A winner says, “I’m good, but not as good as I ought to be”. A loser says, “Well, I’m not as bad as a lot of other people”. A winner looks up to where he is going. A loser looks down at those who’ve not yet achieved the position he has.
  8. A winner respects those who are superior to him and tries to learn from them. A loser resents those who are superior to him and tries to find fault.
  9. A winner is responsible for more than his job. A loser says, “I only work here”.
  10. A winner says, “There ought to be a better way of doing it”. A loser says, “Why change it – that’s the way it’s always been done”.

But the biggest difference between winners and losers is resilience. Winners have learnt to love the pressure. Everyone encounters setbacks, the difference is what happens next.

Here’s a short training video on How To Build Your Resilience with Robin Fielder, CEO, LDL. (4 mins).

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