Sales Training Glasgow and Scotland

Looking for quality sales training in Glasgow and Scotland? LDL have a terrific team serving the area who have delivered tailored sales training for a wide cross-section of businesses.

LDL’s lead consultant for Scotland lives in Glasgow and is available to meet with you to discuss your requirements and put forward a bespoke sales improvement solution to achieve the desired results. This consultant will then ensure the full resources of LDL are used to deliver and support the learning at a location of your choosing.

The range of sales training initiatives available cover all areas of sales, from prospecting and telephone selling, through to pitching, key account management, negotiation and senior leadership.

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“Very interactive, loads of new ideas for team meetings, one to one situations and how to handle them better – delivering structured feedback for all team members. Excellent course. Looking forward to using the material over the coming weeks and months.” – PH, Sales Manager, McCurrach

Sales Training Courses in Glasgow & Scotland that Get Results

We work well with your team (we really do!)  to design a bespoke sales improvement solution to match the culture and objectives of your business . Then with our trademark high-energy, high-impact delivery style, we implement the agreed solution and provide ongoing support in the Glasgow and Scotland area.

Central to the LDL approach to sales training is our Skill+Will ethos. We aim not only to develop the right technical abilities, but also the confidence and self-belief needed to apply them. This helps ensure you get the results you require.

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“Excellent. It makes you aware of the little things that can potentially make a big difference. Very detailed and informative.” – RJ, Sales Engineer, Comsol