Tailored Solutions

Sales, management, leadership, negotiation and presentation skills training programmes designed specifically for your business represents the core of what we do.

LDL’s approach is consultative and solutions based – we develop a deep understanding of your business context and requirements, design learning to achieve results and work with you to measure the effectiveness of what we do.

Learning interventions, to be effective, must have impact – of the kind that people still talk about years later. LDL learning is designed to energise, stimulate and challenge.

Learn how LDL’s Skill + WillTM approach delivers sustainable long term results

Working with LDL:

When you work with LDL, you are immediately assigned three people to look after you:

  1. Your lead consultant who is responsible for ensuring the full resources of LDL are available to you.
  2. Your account manager who is there for you as a single point of contact.
  3. Your project coordinator who will take care of the logistics.

Our clients love this approach because it ensures smooth implementation and a fantastic level of support for your learning initiative.

How we Tailor the Programme:

To tailor the programme we will:

  • Meet with you to determine your objectives and success criteria.
  • Research and design the programme.
  • Deliver the programme at a site chosen by you.
  • Meet with you after the programme to evaluate its success and ensure the necessary measurement and follow-up is in place.

Meetings are currently virtual.

These are the stages you would expect from a quality consultancy. More about working with LDL

However, whilst it is straightforward to design and run a sound programme, the greater challenge is to get delegates to put their new skills into practice. To achieve this LDL has developed a seven step approach.

For further information please complete our enquiry form or call one of our team of learning advisors on +44 (0)20 7381 6233. You may also be interested to learn more about the work we do with clients in the Professional Services sector.


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