Team Development

Building effective teams that get the ‘team chemistry’ right is an ongoing challenge for most companies.

It would be easier if we could just focus on the business goals and everyone would work together well. The reality is that building and maintaining high-performance teams takes time and focus.

Projects normally begin with a diagnostic to establish the existing level of teamwork.

Our coaches then design a series of activities focused on the requirements of your team. These can range from facilitated classroom discussions to instructor led sessions and experiential learning, both indoors and outdoors.

To coach a team to Peak Performance we focus on six components.

How to:

“This is the first day back from Boost 2. To my amazement this event managed to top the success of last year’s (also led by LDL). The feedback is universally fantastic. Everyone is energised and excited about putting their ideas into practice to make the contact centre an even better place to work. Everywhere I go I’m hearing people talking about Boost and how great it was.” – W B, Training and Quality Manager for Contact Centres, The Carphone Warehouse


Team Building Courses

Whether you have a team of 6 or a group of several hundred, LDL can design a unique team building course and mix of activities to support your team to the next stage of their development. Recent events experienced by LDL Clients include:

‘The Apprentice’

Based on the UK and US TV programmes with Alan Sugar and Donald Trump, teams are in competition with each other to carry out a series of tasks linked to your own business requirements.

On completion a panel of your Senior Managers and LDL Consultants select the ‘Winning Team’ and prizes are awarded. The highlight of many conferences and away days.

Dr. Kirsten Barnes Team Motivation Exercise

This involves everybody taking part in a feedback exercise designed by the Sports Psychologist, Dr. Kirsten Barnes. The exercise involves people receiving highly motivational individual feedback from their colleagues and really helps people to understand the contribution that they are making to the team.

SAS – ‘Are You Tough Enough?’

Teams are challenged with a series of physically and mentally demanding activities requiring both ‘brawn and brain’. All the activities require the team to decide on how they are going to achieve a specific goal, utilising the diverse strengths of the team – problem solving, decision making, risk taking and managing team performance. FUN is the core theme.

‘The Oscars’

Teams are asked to design, produce, perform, act and edit a 2-3 minute video, highlighting a specific business message. The teams are allowed ½ day to complete this task, during which time editing facilities are available to help put music, text etc into the videos. The event culminates in an ‘Oscar Ceremony’.

To assist with logistics we can also help source the ideal venue with our partner travel company. Available throughout UK and Europe.

“On behalf of all the team and myself thanks for such a great day. Everyone seems to be buzzing here today which is great, I’ve had so much positive feedback.” – RM, Team Leader, npower

Top-Team Workshops

We also have special top-team workshops to assist your organisation at a strategic level.

We are able to work with your Senior Management Team to facilitate new direction and growth. Our top-team workshops include:

For further information please complete our enquiry form or call one of our team of learning advisors on +44 (0)20 7381 6233