The Strength Deployment Inventory – SDI®

Teams are comprised of people with different strengths. Some have a passion for analysing data and solving complex problems. Others think this type of work is a real chore and hate having to do it.

For some people a really rewarding day at work is the knowledge that they have really helped someone else is some way.  Others don’t really care that much.

Some people relish the idea of having a tough challenge, proving their critics wrong and basking in the glory of success.  For others it takes time and encouragement before they feel confident to be the centre of attention.

So how do you get these different people to understand the preferences of others, and work well as a team?

Such understanding can be developed through the inclusion of The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) profiling tool –– on leadership and team development programmes.

The power of the SDI is how quickly it helps colleagues respect and work with the strengths of others.  It enables people to challenge ideas and opinions without causing destructive conflict.

The highly visual SDI is like having an operator’s manual for relating to colleagues. Some people need to be reassured that we think well of them and that their contribution is valued before they can really shine and show their true potential.  Others need to be given time to think and plan their course of action carefully before they can confidently state their opinion.

Each person in your team responds differently in different situations and the SDI helps you understand who responds best to what.

Feel free to contact us to find out more and to discuss how the SDI can be incorporated into your leadership and management training programme.