This key account management training is designed as an advanced level programme for experienced sales people. Step-by-step the highly participative content provides key account managers with the modern day strategies required to make MAJOR sales to MAJOR customers.


Rapid development in technology together with pressure on costs and the rise of procurement is changing the way buyers buy. This all new programme is designed, not only to reinforce best practice, but to highlight where skills must change to stay ahead of the curve.


At the end of the course participants will:

  • Know the best strategy and tactics for a range of modern day account development scenarios.
  • Be able to differentiate between 'consultative' selling to uncover requirements and 'insight' selling to create requirements.
  • Understand how to adapt their selling style to each of their accounts and contacts.
  • Know the buying matrix used by procurement professionals and how to use it to advantage.
  • Know how to use The LDL Account Mapping Guide to identify the key players and ‘cover the bases’.
  • Be better equipped to influence the buying decision away from the competition and towards their company.

Delegates Will Learn

  • How buying has changed and how sellers need to adapt accordingly
  • How to unravel the account’s organisational structure and ‘politics’
  • How to design a modern day account development strategy
  • Recognising the right business to target
  • How to network. The importance of LinkedIn
  • How to sell into complex accounts with multiple decision makers
  • How to lead virtual or real teams towards commercial success
  • How to be a trusted adviser and strategic partner
  • Beyond solution selling - How to sell insights and stimulate gap recognition
  • Understand the Psychology of a Buying Process
  • How to maintain motivation, confidence and self-discipline in the longer sales cycle
  • How to reduce the customer’s perception of risk
  • How to handle Procurement and the modern day buyer
  • Understand the customer’s perspective on your offering – How buyers use the Kraljik matrix
  • The importance of implementation
  • How to turn a satisfied customer into a source of further business
  • How to become a profit improvement specialist by reducing customer costs or improving revenues
  • How to sell ROI and strategic alignment


Dates: Select a date from the drop down menu above
Times: Day one: 10.00 am - 4.00 pm Day two: 10.00 am - 4.00 pm
Fee: £995 + VAT
Course Location: Virtual delivery. 6 x 90 min live virtual sessions over two days


“Didn't seem like a training programme AT ALL!!! Every idea was discussed in groups, done through exercises. Very enjoyable and easy to follow, very engaging." - FK, Client Manager, Acumen Commercial Insights.
"Excellent. Well-structured, good overall programme. Motivated and knowledgeable speaker. Very interactive. Relevant examples from the industry."- PS, Director Sales & Marketing, European Air Ambulance

"Dynamic, informative, fantastic content, free flowing, excellent facilities and above all else ... motivational!" - NW, Sales Manager, Hire Intelligence.

“Excellent range of subjects covered. Excellent course materials and interaction with other trainees from different businesses.” - LO, Key Account Process Manager, DEK.
“Great content - RACERNI®, Account Mapping, Kraljik and prioritisation tools. Delivered very well.” - FW, Group Product Manager, Riskstop Ltd.
“Clearly communicated and structured with time given for audience input. Group tasks worthwhile.” - RB, Area Manager, TDK Lambda.
“Style of teaching was excellent and content extremely relevant and new for me.” - SB, Client Manager, Acumen.
“Robin led the two days with great enthusiasm and empathy, allowing us all the space to share ideas and contribute. The resources provided will prove very useful and I feel I have a better understanding of the whole process.” - BQ, Sales Executive, GFT UK Ltd.
“Excellent. Covered a lot of ground in two days. Very useful to put on paper what we should be doing in practise.” - PH, Sales Director, Hopkirks Ltd.
“Interactive, engaging, covered aspects I hadn't thought about. Great group, great trainer.” - BP, Account Executive, Momenta

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