Professional Negotiation Skills

Posted on October 12th, 2020

Professional Negotiation Skills

Professional negotiation skills are vital. No other form of training has such an immediately measurable impact on the bottom line. From simple price challenges to important commercial agreements, negotiation is a major factor in profitability.

This powerful one-day negotiation skills training is about commercial negotiating skills. Whilst it is designed for sales people, sales managers and key account executives it is equally suitable for any executive involved with negotiating WIN-WIN outcomes.

The content of our negotiation skills course clearly defines the core of negotiation as ‘both move’.

If we have to move towards the other party, we must insist they move towards us as well. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is given away free.

The highly interactive programme shows you how to achieve this whilst leaving the other party satisfied with the outcome.

"Excellent. Fantastic enthusiasm and very well delivered. I enjoyed this course very much indeed."

CJ, Business Development Manager, Prosonix

Professional negotiation skills are vital. No other form of training has such an immediately measurable impact on the bottom line. From simple price challenges to important commercial agreements, negotiation is a major factor in profitability.

At the end of the negotiation skills training, participants will:

  • Have an in-depth understanding of negotiation and how to prepare for it
  • Be able to differentiate between the TACTICS required to deal with a price challenge and the STRUCTURE required to negotiate agreements and contracts.
  • Know how to win business without sacrificing margin.
  • Have experienced the cut and thrust of negotiation from ‘both sides of the table’. Three situation role-plays are used to illustrate the material.

  • What makes for good negotiation skills. How to handle the trade off between getting what you want and getting along with people.
  • How to use the LDL 12 step planning guide to prepare for a negotiation.
  • The 11 laws of bargaining. Don’t give concessions, trade them. How to make a conditional offer. How to handle deadlock. The importance of aspiration levels.
  • How to determine your negotiable variables. ALL the variables in and around the deal can be used to improve it.
  • How to solve the dilemma of where to open – how high, how firm, how soon.
  • Tactics and countermeasures. How to handle ‘I like your proposal but this is all I’ve got’. ‘Take it or leave it’. ‘Is that negotiable’. And many more.
  • How to use the 5 step negotiating structure: PREPARE, OPEN, EXPLORE, BARGAIN, CLOSE/AGREE.
  • Negotiating styles. How to use the language of partnership.
  • How deadlines and pressure affect the outcome.
  • How to recognise the sources of power.
  • Negotiate to satisfy. How to get what you want while leaving the other party satisfied with the outcome.

Dates: Select a date from the drop down menu below
Time: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm
What you get: Comprehensive workbook and post programme elearning support
Fee: £695 + VAT
Course Location: Virtual delivery.*

*Tailored in-company programmes are available both in-person & virtual.

“Excellent. Great tutor. Very simply taught. Interactive/practical. Applicable.” AK, Country Manager MEA, ILX Group

“We were giving away fees and much of our additional work on overruns before we applied these skills!” – Senior Partner, Big 4 Accounting Firm

“Useful balance of theory and technique. Tips learnt that I’ll definitely use. Great enthusiasm!” JA, Partner, Sparkler

“The course was well structured and Nick was a very friendly & knowledgeable presenter. There was a good mix of theory, practical exercises and group discussion. All of the course content was prepared in a manner that made the course interesting and enjoyable.” CH, Senior Commercial Officer, Martin Baker Aircraft

“Very practical, lots of examples and energy. It was a small group so very focused. Good pace and amount of detail. Excellent.” AJ, Applications Engineer, Instron

“Very interactive, good case studies, and able to detect my own weaknesses through role playing. Good course structure with emphasis on learning by doing: theory was delivered via working it out for yourself. The whole course has helped me to better understand the process of negotiation.” SH, Consultant, Polaris Consulting

“Great programme for creating/harvesting new ideas and processes for negotiating whether that is with clients or internally. Gives a good way to structure and prepare for negotiations which might be challenging.” AK, Business Development Manager, Retrogenix

“Clear, concise and professional insight into the buyer’s view and experience. Made me think a lot about day to day business tasks and the wider picture.” – SR, Senior Account Manager UKI & Nordics, Devro

“I really enjoyed getting another perspective and having open and honest conversations with my colleagues. This course was excellent, and I would recommend it to others!” – AR, Relationship Manager, Flagstone IM

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Professional Negotiation Skills

Live virtual training. How to use professional negotiating skills to make more profitable agreements. One-day programme.
£695 + VAT.

To tailor this programme : 020 7381 6233

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