Professional Sales Management

Posted on October 12th, 2020

Professional Sales Management

How to improve the performance of each member of your sales team -- and how to do it profitably? Our sales management training is designed to improve sales people by combining performance improvement techniques with the correct leadership style.

"Excellent. A well structured, interesting and energised training course. All exercises were very relevant to me." - SC, Business Manager, Powertraveller

This creates the ideal climate for attitude motivation which is fast becoming established as a highly efficient method for improving results in today’s market place.

Participants discover new ways to inspire greater teamwork and co-operation from others. They develop a better understanding of people management. They become more confident in their ability to make decisions and resolve difficulties. They improve their ability to communicate their thoughts and ideas.

The end result is a smoother-running, more motivated and more productive sales team.

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How to improve the performance of each member of your sales team — and how to do it profitably? Our sales management training is designed to improve sales people by combining performance improvement techniques with the correct leadership style.

“Excellent. A well structured, interesting and energised training course. All exercises were very relevant to me.” – SC, Business Manager, Powertraveller

At the end of the sales management course participants will:

  • Have a comprehensive appreciation of modern sales management techniques, skills and styles.
  • Be able to increase the performance of each member of their sales force.
  • Have an in-depth understanding of both incentive and attitude motivation and how to use them.
  • Be able to ensure their sales force is using the most efficient sales improvement systems currently available.


  • How to motivate a sales force. How to use attitude and incentive motivation.
  • How to recognise and cure the demotivators.
  • How to design and implement the right sales improvement system for your company.
  • How to apply sales management by objectives.
  • How to set targets. A target to beat is better than a target to meet. Pitfalls to avoid.
  • How to make the average performer think like a winner. People who feel good about themselves, produce good results.
  • How to use the leadership models. How leadership skills and styles affect performance. The value of lead by example, judge by results.
  • How to structure and run a sales meeting. Developing your speaking skills.
  • How to recruit good sales people. The laws of recruitment.
  • How to interview including a simple 3 step formula to select those who can and will sell.
  • How to conduct performance appraisals.
  • How to coach, praise and provide constructive criticism.
  • The importance of attitude development. How to develop drive, confidence and enthusiasm in your team. How to overcome discouragement.
  • How to design competitions. The role of recognition – ‘it’s the publicity not the prize.’
  • How to delegate.

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Times: Day one: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm
Day two: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm
Fee: £995 + VAT
Course Location: Virtual delivery

In-company programmes are available both in-person & virtual.

“The trainer was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I particularly liked his technique for encouraging note taking – no Powerpoint – very refreshing. Subject matter was clear, concise and very well delivered and the time flew.” – ML, National Sales Manager, Fermacell


“Well delivered. Real experiences and examples. Simple ideas and concepts which can be implemented and I’ll use.” – RG, National Sales Manager, Menarini Diagnostics


“Excellent. Good clear advice and highly relevant. Engaging delivery.” – MC, General Manager, Professional Sports Group


“Really informative – fast whistle stop tour of sales performance management. Enjoyed the pace and reference to stories helped to illustrate theories and bring them to life.” – PC, Sales Manager, St Jude Medical


“A truly great trainer. The content was very useful and I will change the way I work as a result. I will use LDL again.” – CD, Sales Manager, FCC Environment.


“Best training course I have been on. Fast paced, excellent insight, group discussions very valuable. Would highly recommend and a big thank you.” – ST, Sales & Marketing Director, Bright.


“Very clear structure and delivery. I really liked the way that an action plan was created as we went through each section of the course. Nick was great to work with – patient, flexible and informative. I particularly found the guidance about setting expectations both ways and having a team objective useful.” – VS, Senior International Consultant, GL Education


“Did not look at my watch once. Clear. Fluid content. Incredible delivery. Thought provoking.” – JL, Sales Manager, Explorer


“Excellent. Open dialogue, no death by Powerpoint. Very well supported by real life examples. Deborah is very engaging.” – SM, Sales Director, Genesys


“Provided lots of good useful, practical tips to use in class. The steps on giving feedback are very valuable to me at the moment as i have struggled in this area of management. I can really see how implementing these steps will help me to become a better manager.” – KD, Senior International Account Executive, GL Education


“It provided me with practical tools that I can use from tomorrow. I enjoyed participating; I very much liked the continuous interactions and real life cases bought both from the trainer and from the participants. Really good trainer, very energetic, inspiring and fun!” – SB, Senior Consultant, CTC Resourcing


“Excellent. Very thought provoking. Opened my eyes to new techniques, reminded me to not lose sight of the end goal – sales!” – JS, Sales Manager, NNT Workplace Solutions


“Nick was very personable, explained everything in detail and was able to really break a lot of the theory down and simplify it. Also really helped that I was able to apply the session topics to my own day to day team management.” – MF, Sales Manager, GL Assessment

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Professional Sales Management

Two day sales management training course to help you improve the performance of your sales team – profitably.
£995 + VAT.

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