Telephone Selling

Posted on October 12th, 2020

Telephone Selling

In this digital era, people want to talk to a human being. The telephone is a high touch, cost-effective selling tool. But it must be used well. This course sets out to provide a stream of ideas to improve telephone selling ability.

Both the incoming and the outgoing call are discussed in detail. The course is suitable for all who sell on the telephone.

Role playing is used to ensure each delegate receives individual coaching. Each participant leaves with a telephone technique specially developed for their business. A technique that has been practised and polished on the telephone sales course. They return to your office with all the necessary energy, enthusiasm and skill.

Results from our telephone selling training come quickly in terms of increased sales and happier, more satisfied customers.

"Course content spot on - easily the best 'sales course' I have been on. Deborah is a gifted trainer, capable of understanding each individual's needs and addressing. She has a very engaging style!"

- AC, BDM, The Moller Centre

In this digital era, people want to talk to a human being. The telephone is a high touch, cost-effective selling tool. But it must be used well. This course sets out to provide a stream of ideas to improve telephone selling ability.

Both the incoming and the outgoing call are discussed in detail. The course is suitable for all who sell on the telephone.

At the end of the telephone sales training, participants will:

  • Feel more confident selling over the phone.
  • Have all the necessary principles, skills and personal motivation to sell more effectively.
  • Know the exact words and phrases to use in the tough situations they face every day.
  • Be able to present your organisation with confidence, professionalism and zest.
  • Have an in-depth understanding of the telesales sequence: PROBE, CONFIRM MATCH & CLOSE.

  • How to convert enquiries into sales.
  • How to build and upgrade the incoming order.
  • How to handle difficult customers.
  • How to find new business. Getting through to the decision maker. How to revive inactive accounts.
  • How to sell an idea. What makes people buy. How to stimulate buying interest.
  • How to open the presentation.
  • How to structure the call. Using probe, confirm, match and close.
  • How to control the conversation.
  • Questioning and listening skills.
  • How to ask for the order. When to close.
  • How to handle and pre-handle objections.
  • How to sell yourself. How to inject warmth and enthusiasm. It’s not what you say but how you say it
  • How to establish lasting customer relations.
  • How to maintain correct attitude throughout the day. Techniques for developing drive, confidence, enthusiasm and self-motivation.
  • How to overcome discouragement.
  • How to follow up.

This programme is available on request. In-person or virtual.

“Deborah was very experienced and kept the flow going so time flew by – controlling the team was sometimes a challenge but managed perfectly.” – HB, Sales Manager, Keytracker

“Brilliant structure. Well linked to everyone’s individual needs and requirements so as not to make anyone feel left out or not applicable. I will definitely recommend Deborah. I found this incredibly useful. Excellent.”  – RO, Sales Specialist, Resinex

“Excellent. Delivered in a very informative, relaxed style with great tips. MIx of people and companies was great with good interaction. Thought provoking and has given me confidence.” – GB, Business Development Coordinator, Out of Eden.

“The course gave me much needed advice and tips on telephone selling and increased my confidence. The role play was very helpful and great practice.” – GH, Marketing, Trilux Lighting

“The programme was excellent. In particular how at key points in the course we were encouraged to link back to our current role.” – CP, Account Manager, Hostcomm

“Having just returned from an LDL course on Telephone Selling I felt compelled to write and congratulate you on an informative and enjoyable 2 days. The presentation and enthusiasm really made the course a pleasure to attend and the training I received certainly gave me new ideas in my approach to telesales.” –  SL, Sales, Express & Echo

“Excellent. Informative. Confidence boosting. Enjoyable. Excellent presenter. Well structured.” – CS, Business Manager, Protan(UK)

“Really practical and informative. Deborah was really energising and adapted the training to areas of the sales process that were relevant to the group.” – CL, Sales Manager, Connect Catering

“Very clear, and helped me become very confident and understand my objectives. I felt so relaxed as soon as I walked in. Every question I asked got answered with me understanding better at the end. I felt very looked after and loved the room. If I could have more training I would. Deborah is brilliant: very professional and friendly at the same time.” – KL, Scrummi, Account Manager

“Motivating, informative… The two days flew by but I gained a lot of tuition. Deborah’s focus, experience and ability to keep the training fun was a major factor in my learning.” – AC, Sales Executive, Hostcomm

“Excellent. Took us through the whole sales cycle, indicating not only our thought process but also the customer’s.” – ED, Account Manager, MBA IT Ltd

“Set out a structure bespoke to every phone call. Eliminate bad habits, going back to the basics. Asking more questions. Be more direct and close at the end of the call. Control the call and take pressure off when appropriate.” – LH, Internal Sales Rep, Popcake UK

“Coming from a background of no sales training, and account management within the sales floor being upselling, this course has definitely made me feel far more equipped to approach my role. The tools taught can be used and are useful at any level, and I am certain that my whole approach to sales will improve due to this.” – CZB, Sales Account Manager, Clear Direct Debit

“Deborah handled each delegate’s needs well and referred to them throughout the course which always brought everything back to why we were here. It was fast paced and the day didn’t drag. Got reassured that the processes we follow are correct, just need some tweaking and the course has enabled this.” – GP, Sales, IGD

“Fun two days – great people. Really interesting and some great tips for me to work with. I’m feeling confident and ready to make some cold calls on Monday.” – SC, Account Manager, Clear Direct Debit

“Course content was brilliant, very informative and structured very well. Telephone recording was very daunting but actually brilliant for analyzing our pitches. Deborah was absolutely amazing, very warm and informative. Really took the time to break down our styles and expose our strengths.” – CF, Business Development Manager, Shawston

This programme is available on request.
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