Maryam Maryam is a behavioural neuroscientist, executive coach and Organisational Development consultant with extensive experience designing and delivering programmes across a range of businesses globally.


Maryam has twenty plus years of experience working with organizations at all levels, and is regularly engaged by organizations, leaders and CEOs to help strengthen their leadership capability, develop high-performing teams and achieve their organisation’s vision. She does this by focusing on strategic leadership behaviours, business improvement processes, commercial outcomes and eliminating barriers to success.


Maryam is notable for her exceptional academic background, with a PhD in the Neuroscience of Leadership and Organisational Development, an Executive MBA (Global Leadership), and a Masters in Executive and Team Coaching.


But for all her academic experience, Maryam is also a fantastic communicator and is passionate about translating the latest findings of Neuroscience into the workplace. She helps her clients to become more successful through better understanding and application of ‘brain smart’ strategies. Maryam facilitates interactive workshops which lead participants to experience major shifts in thinking, behaviour and outcomes.