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Management Training

The investment returns on quality management training are immense. Research conducted by the Gallup organisation shows that the most important factor in determining how productive people are and how long they stay is not their pay or perks or working for a great brand. It’s the relationship they have with their immediate manager.


Management training embraces more than the individual. It’s an investment in the whole team because your managers learn how to coach and develop their people. When managers become skilled leaders, results improve, attrition reduces and everyone enjoys the workplace more and feels more valued. And happy staff means happy customers.


LDL management training courses look at both Skill and Will factors. This means your managers become better, more inspiring leaders. Programmes are available open, online and bespoke and cater for all levels of manager: from Introduction to Management to The Senior Management Programme.

Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions

For all our leadership & management courses we offer tailored, in-house solutions designed specifically for your business.

Today's Senior Management task is changing in focus. Three components especially require close attention: developing people, strategic planning and managing change. The 3 Day MBA. Open & In-co.

You want results. They want leadership. Learn how the world’s most successful managers use modern leadership skills to achieve extraordinary results. For directors and managers. Open, In-co & Online.

Management is a profession in its own right, with its own skills, techniques and knowledge, and like any other profession it has to be learned. This course will show you how. Open & In-co.

How exciting, new discoveries in neuroscience can be applied to improve leadership skills, strengthen communication and build resilience in your management team. In-co.

Our sales management programme is designed to improve sales people by combining performance improvement techniques with the correct leadership style. Open & In-co.

The ability to understand and analyse financial data is essential for successful management. This course uses business simulations to help participants come to grips with the fundamentals. In-co.

The route to management excellence is to get people to do things willingly, whilst giving the very peak of their performance. This requires leadership & teambuilding skills. In-co.

Performance coaching is one of the most important acts of leadership. Because outstanding performance must be drawn from every member of the team. In-co.

To be effective every manager must be a superb time manager. This challenging, fast moving course will show you how to get things done. In-co.

Achievement training for today's workplace. If your team have the necessary professional skills, this workshop will enable them to hone their competitive edge and reach the next level. In-co.

Project Management is fast becoming a hot discipline. Downsizing, outsourcing and the accelerating rate of change means that work is increasingly carried out on a one-off project basis. In-co.

For directors and managers. Learn how to inspire, engage and motivate your team with the latest leadership skills and strategies reformatted for web-based learning. Self-paced. Online.

Transform Managers into Leaders

To outperform your competition you must get the very best from your people. LDL leadership and management training courses provide innovative, usable and proven strategies to help you develop a modern, people-centred leadership style.

Leadership at its core is about inspiring people to outperform themselves. Effective leaders breathe life, confidence and ‘can-do’ into an organisation. They unlock 30% discretionary effort. They move us. People work for a manager – they do their best for a leader.

LDL management training courses aim to transform managers at every level of your business into leaders. We work with you to create a culture where people take responsibility for their actions and believe in themselves.

You can even try LDL management training without making any financial investment at all – by downloading our free 3-part management training course:

3-part Management training course

Free 3-part Management Training Course

How to manage your team for great results. Step-by-step you learn how to increase performance. Coach. Delegate. Inspire. Give feedback and be a star manager. Register Now

Skill + Will™

The LDL Skill + Will™ approach emphasises the essential duality of any management role – you must give people both the skill to achieve and the confidence to perform. This is LDL's differentiator and why our clients keep coming back.

Open courses are held in London. All programmes can be tailored and conducted in-company. We come to you. Complete an enquiry form or call us on +44 (0)20 7381 6233 to find out more.

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