Negotiation Training

LDL cover all types of negotiation, with a specialist team set up for lawyers and accountants.


When was the last time a buyer told you he only had a certain amount in his budget? Or promised huge orders out there somewhere in the future? Or went on and on about how good your competitors are? We’ve all heard these things a hundred times before. They’re negotiating tactics – and just a few of the dozens of tactics the buyer has and uses all day long.


LDL provide targeted negotiation training courses to help you make better, more profitable agreements every time. Programmes focus on the real nitty-gritty of business negotiation and go way beyond the generalities normally advocated. Open courses are held in London. All programmes can be tailored and held incompany at a location of your choosing.

Tailored Solutions

Live Virtual Training

For most programmes we offer engaging, live, virtual instructor-led training VILT.

Based on the real world, real people and real situations this high-impact, high-energy programme shows you how to negotiate from the sales side. Interactive. Bite-sized. Online.

Negotiating skills are vital. No other form of training has such an immediately measurable effect on the bottom line. Negotiation is a major factor in profitability.

On this one-day programme your people learn how to handle the challenge to fees, retrieve reasonable returns for assignments which overrun and negotiate with renewed mastery.

‘Both Move’ – The Core of Effective Negotiation

If you ask people how they define effective negotiation they usually reply with something like ‘giving just enough away to reach agreement’. But giving things away doesn’t win agreement – it usually only convinces the other party to press for more.

At LDL we define the core of effective negotiation as ‘both move’. Because if you have to move towards the other party, you must insist that they move towards you as well. Nothing, absolutely nothing, should be given away for free.

LDL negotiation training shows you how to achieve winning agreements whilst leaving the other party satisfied with the outcome. For more LDL negotiation tips, view the video below, have a read of our blog, or check out our free article: “Six Tips To Help You Negotiate Effectively”.

Negotiation Training Videos

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