Presentation Skills Training

In today’s highly connected world, presentation and communication skills are more important than ever. Whether on your feet, in writing, online, over the phone, or face to face, we have practical, content rich courses which will help you to better articulate your ideas and engage your audience.


From senior managers inspiring and motivating their teams, to sales teams pitching opportunities to prospects, to individuals communicating with their peers, to front-line staff delivering service excellence to customers, presentation skills training is about learning how to communicate effectively and memorably.


LDL presentation skills training courses aim to captivate, excite and inspire your people – to the point where they can’t wait to get out in the field to implement their new strategies. See below for our range of programmes.

Tailored Solutions

Live Virtual Training

For all programmes we offer engaging, live, virtual instructor-led training VILT.

Many people have excellent ideas. They have the enthusiasm. But when they stand up, they lose them both. This presentation skills training course is the solution.

The quality of your pitch presentation can make the difference between winning and losing a new piece of business. Pitch more effectively to maximise your chances of success.

Focused public speaking coaching to help you tailor your message, engage your audience, and make the most of the opportunity to present. Become skilled in the art of public speaking.

One to one presentation skills coaching for senior executives. Expectations are high for senior people, and we are able to provide focused support to develop your natural style.

To be successful at any level in business it is necessary to write well. People need to be able to inform and persuade others; to relay information about their products, solutions and views.

Assertive communication is effective communication. It’s how to deal confidently and successfully with the people around you, and can be learnt by anyone.

The customer revolution is here to stay. And as products and services become more alike, the competitive edge comes from the experience the customer has with your organisation.

As organisations become more and more people orientated the demand for quality training has never been greater. Companies want their people developed to their full potential.

Why Learn Presentation Skills?

Presentation skills have a major impact on the outcome of any business interaction. Whether you wish to motivate your team, communicate a big-picture vision, deliver more engaging pitches, or make a real impression at a public event, your presentation skills will play a vital part in your success.

Effective communication involves both using the right words and also delivering them in the right way. As much as 80% of audience engagement is actually affected by non-verbal cues including delivery style, tone, facial expression and body language.

There is no great secret. Presentation skills can be learned and developed by anyone. With focused coaching, we can show you how, and enable you to develop your own natural speaking style to deliver a message that sticks.

To learn more about our approach, click to download our free 3-part guide, How to Make an Effective Presentation.

How to Make an effective presentation

How to Make an Effective Presentation: a 3-Part Guide

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Video Coaching in a Safe Environment

The core of the LDL approach to presentation skills coaching involves video recording of delegates making presentations in a safe environment. In combination with focused, engaging instruction, video coaching helps knock down barriers to confidence and makes delegates more aware of their style – as well as any blind spots when it comes to self-assessment.

The prospect of watching yourself on video may not be something you particularly look forward to. But having the chance to see yourself as others see you is in fact enormously helpful. It never looks as bad as it feels, and with all feedback given in a safe environment the video recordings provide an excellent way to improve.

Open courses are held in London. All programmes can be tailored and delivered in-company. Complete an enquiry form or call us on +44 (0)20 7381 6233 to find out more.