The laws of aerodynamics tell us that the bumble bee cannot fly. Its wings are too small, it’s too heavy, it has insufficient muscle and it’s the wrong shape. Technically there is no known way that a bumble bee can get off the ground. But fortunately, no one has told the bees and they carry on flying around.

Imagine you could communicate with one: ‘Bumble bee, this is a printout of your flight geometry. According to this, you cannot fly. Your wings are too small, you’ve insufficient muscle and you’re the wrong shape. There’s no way you can make it.’

The bumble bee would be too frightened to attempt to fly. Here’s the point: how many of us are too frightened even to attempt something because of what someone else once said we couldn’t do?

When people say such things as ‘You can’t do that’, ‘You’ll never sell to him’, ‘You’re a nice person but you’re not cut out to get to the top’, they damage our career and our confidence. They spew out their negative garbage and it’s dangerous. Such nay-sayers can hold us back for months, sometimes years, because negativity is so powerful.

Negative attitudes are contagious

If you associate with negative, unpleasant or miserable people, then sooner or later you’ll adopt the same behaviour, no matter how cheerful you were before spending time with them. Be fiercely aware of the corrosive effect of the drip, drip, drip input of half-empty thinkers.

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