Traditional face-to-face (F2F) training has always been the default option for learning. It’s engaging, it’s interactive, and done well it’s enjoyable. But in today’s environment general unease around travel and group meetings make it less than ideal. While some may adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach, for others the solution is LIVE virtual instructor-led training (VILT).

We believe that VILT is an idea whose time has come. Remote working and online meetings are part of the new business landscape so it makes sense to learn together online as well.

VILT – Bite-sized, Highly Relevant And Extremely Engaging

With VILT your people learn together, they learn from the instructor and from each other. They can see and interact with course colleagues just as in the F2F environment. Role plays and breakout rooms help learners participate in their own training. Smaller numbers mean that participants end up with more instructor time. Bitesize 90 minute sessions maintain energy and focus.

Our belief is that quality, well designed, highly relevant VILT can equal face-to-face training and even surpass it for learning transfer.

The 5 Benefits of LIVE Virtual Training:

Spaced learning – VILT enables learning to be more easily spaced out with activity, exercises and on-the-job learning in between. There is less requirement to pack everything into a single event which can sometimes happen with F2F especially when participants travel long distances to attend. Spaced learning increases retention. Review sessions are easier to organise. Repetition is the finest learner.

Easier logistics – Simply diarise the event and email each participant the link to join. No training rooms or conference facilities to book. No Covid-19 challenges. No travel to be arranged. No post event expenses to reimburse. Learners from different offices and countries can learn together.

Cost savings – in the current economy maybe this should be top of the list. VILT delivery removes all travel costs for both participants and trainers. Plus the cost of training rooms, lunch and refreshments. By some estimates this reduces the overall cost of the training intervention by around a third. Reducing cost means the training is much more likely to be approved which in turn ensures your sales and management teams are up-to-speed with the skills they need.

Time efficient – VILT workshops can be joined from either office or home. Once the training concludes participants can return to work immediately. No travel time, no hotel stays, no early morning starts or late returns. Better work life balance for your people.

Reduced carbon footprint – No travel makes this an easy win.

All these benefits are obviously worthwhile provided the training achieves skills transfer. We believe quality VILT does and does it well.


What if our people don’t enjoy learning on-screen?
VILT is different. It’s live, interactive and highly engaging. Delegates join from any location and learn together with their colleagues. When people say they don’t enjoy learning on screen this is usually the result of having attended a badly run webinar in the past or having waded through a boring e-learning programme. After a well run, professionally designed, quality VILT workshop most learners have the reaction “That was so much better than I was expecting”.

What is the difference between VILT, webinars and elearning?
These are three different ways of digital learning:
VILT is for small groups and is highly participative and engaging. Your people learn from the tutor and from each other. They ask questions and contribute throughout the programme. It is conversational like F2F training.
Webinars are normally delivered to a larger group and are mostly one way. Participants learn from the tutor but less from each other. They can ask questions at the end. They are often recorded.
E-learning is normally taken alone and without interaction with the tutor. It has the advantages of 24/7 availability and ease of repetition. To work well it needs to be bitesize and not a slide show voiceover – LDL has three highly engaging elearning programmes – The New Rules of Selling, The Inspirational Leader and Negotiate To Win.

Why should we choose LDL for our VILT initiative?
LDL’s approach to training, be it sales, management, leadership or negotiation has always been to strip what are often complex topics down to their core principles and then begin with these. This approach provides learners with a robust foundation and lends itself to the bitesize nature of VILT especially well. LDL is well known for the energy and presentation skills of its consultants and this comes across in the live virtual environment.

What’s the next step?
We are excited about the potential of live virtual training to help you upskill your people. To learn more email or complete the enquiry form.

Read more about LDL sales training and management training.

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