CPL Aromas

CPL Aromas are an international fragrance house with a reputation for innovation, independence and world class customer service. They are a progressive organisation and have a highly empowered and positive culture.

CPL and LDL have enjoyed a close partnership for 20 years, and our SKILL plus WILL philosophy is deeply embedded within CPL’s DNA.

Over the years we have designed and delivered bespoke sales and customer service programmes for CPL. LDL have also been extensively involved in facilitating many international CPL Leadership events, helping them to formulate and articulate their Vision and Values.

We have recently completed some Leadership and Sales Training for their CPL Middle East and Far East Region based in Dubai and Hong Kong respectively with delegates from all over the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

A key factor in the success of this long standing relationship is the cultural match between our two organisations are our mutual passion for people development.