Process Systems Enterprise Limited

Process Systems Enterprise Limited (PSE) is one of the world’s foremost providers of process modelling technology and model-based engineering and innovation services to the process industries and their technology suppliers.

PSE’s advanced process modeling can be applied across the ‘process lifecycle’, from laboratory research through process design to operations and purchasing. Packaged solutions aimed at various application areas – for example reactor and separation system design, safety analysis and clean energy solutions – are leaders in their classes

LDL was asked to provide the consulting team with practical and tailored project management, negotiating and leadership skills. The aim of this intervention was to enable consultants to define and deliver projects more effectively. Sessions explored key theories and facilitated the development and adaptation of project management tools tailored to the needs of the team.

Here is what the Head of Consulting had to say about the project:

“The training provided by LDL on a wide range of topics including project management and negotiation skills has proven very valuable to our rapidly growing business.  The high degree of tailoring of each programme has allowed us to use the courses to focus on and address current challenges as well as absorb the underlying theory.  Year after year these courses have enabled us to realise step changes in the way we operate as a business.  Examples include – the introduction of scoping and effort estimates that cater for different budgets, sharing of templates and project information via Intranet, better understanding and use of project planning and risk logs.  As a result of all these changes we have reduced overruns by at least 30%.”