Quest Software

Serving 100,000 customers worldwide from 60 offices in 23 countries Quest Software provides solutions for the management of databases, applications, Windows, virtualization, and more. Quest Software simplifies and reduces the cost of IT management through innovative solutions.

LDL was invited to design and deliver a Leadership Academy to develop both existing and future managers across EMEA. The programme consisted of modular workshops to provide continuity and sustainability.

Approximately 30 Managers/Rising Stars were initially identified to take part. Each group comprised a mix of discipline and country to encourage greater diversity, a common leadership language and the sharing of best practice..

In addition to the workshops each group focused on a key project which they worked on as a team. This project was an integral part of the Leadership Academy with each team presenting their ideas to the Quest EMEA Senior Management half-way through the programme.

The Leadership Academy is branded strongly throughout the business and is now an integral component of the business culture – part of Quest’s DNA.