Resonate Your Voice & Sell More

When you sound good people listen. In this era of ever increasing digitisation your voice and how you sound is a vital sales and leadership skill. It helps you to differentiate yourself, become more memorable and stand out.

Whether you are talking with clients, making an explainer video, or communicating with your team, how you sound matters.

Voice coaching is an area of sales training that is rarely addressed but we consider it essential for the serious seller.

In this video Robin Fielder, LDL CEO, takes you through a series of simple but powerful voice exercises to help you resonate and sound more impressive.

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In sales your voice is your most valuable asset. When you sound good people listen. You come across as warmer, more likeable and more authoritative. Your voice gives you gravitas. It gives you presence.

So how can you add depth and power to your voice? 

It’s about learning to breathe with ‘resonance’.  

Some people breathe from here (see demo in video), but it makes their voices sound thin – if they’re feeling nervous before say, a closing question then it shows in their voice, which of course is infuriating for them. Whereas when we breathe from here (see demo), we have  much more control and gravitas.

This is known as diaphragmatic breathing – we are breathing with resonance.

Here are some exercises which you can take and if you do them for a few minutes each day will transform your personal presence and give you a real edge when selling and communicating.

First of all, put one hand on your chest and one hand on your abdomen and when you breathe in, only your lower hand should move, in and out (see demo).

You often hear people say “take a deep breath” – here’s how not to do it …….. (see demo).

When you breathe in the upper hand should not move.

So just practice breathing in and out only making your lower hand move … in and out. Some people find it helpful to visualize a balloon in their stomach which  is pushing out and pushing down when they inhale.

Next exercise – this time once again breathing resonantly. I Want You to breathe in. Take a deep breath in …… and as you exhale I want you to hum and make your back teeth chatter, that means you are breathing with resonance – okay ready go (see demo).

Experiment with that  a few times.

Next exercise. This time I want you to breathe in diaphragmatically as before, but this time, as you exhale, say the  days of the week beginning with Monday over and over – ready go:

“Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday.”

The final exercise – something  I learned many years ago from a West End theatrical voice coach. Take that same  diaphragmatic breath in and this time, as you breathe out, I want you to say “King …Kong …” Are you ready?

Breathe in. “King ….. Kong …..” Again: “King ….. Kong …..”

Now say “Good morning how are you” and hopefully you notice yourself sounding more resonant with more warmth and presence in your voice.

Use these exercises on a regular basis but especially before any important presentation.

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