Diagnostic Tools

At LDL we use a range of diagnostic tools to help you learn about yourself, so that by better understanding your skillset and behavioural preferences, you can better orient yourself in the direction of growth and improvement.

We regularly include diagnostic tools as part of our management and communication training programmes, and the LDL consultancy team is qualified across a range of such tools, from the Interpersonal Influence Inventory, to MBTI, FIRO-B, and 360 assessments.


One tool which we have started to use more recently, and which our clients have found especially engaging, is called TetraMap.

TetraMap is a self-score instrument designed to help you better understand your behavioural preferences, and also how your preferences might guide your thinking. Based on an exciting, memorable model that maps behavioural characteristics onto the four elements of classical philosophy – Earth, Air, Water and Fire – TetraMap engages the enthusiasm of delegates from across a range of roles and abilities.

Organisations are ecosystems in their own right, and TetraMap uses the language of natural systems to provide a diagnostic framework that pays attention to multiple perspectives, and encourages individuals to work inter-dependently and synergistically within their teams.


At the end of the course participants will:

Delegates will learn

“The content of the training course was very interesting and relevant to our company and the issues we face and will face in the future. I know that I will carry these lessons forward with me when managing different types of people and giving feedback. I really enjoyed the TetraMap session. It helped me do some self-reflection and learn how I can flex to others.” – AB, Project Manager, The Online Studio