Leadership 360

Effective leaders have learned the importance of bringing together the skill to win and the will to win in their business. And an essential part of this learning process is feedback from those around them.

At LDL we have developed the online Leadership 360 so that peers, managers and reports can give structured feedback based on the eight actions found in the Inspirational Leadership model. Your people can also explore distinctions between self-ratings and the ratings of others.

Our clients tell us that using this tool brings great clarity to the development of leaders.

What makes the Leadership 360 so powerful?

So how does it work?

The questionnaire is used for both self assessment and a tool for gaining feedback from their managers, reports, peers and external contacts. Participants nominate their raters online and the system automatically emails the questionnaires out to the right people. Raters complete the online questionnaire and the system collects all responses together.

The results are communicated back to individuals in a multi-page report, clearly showing the individual’s leadership strengths and areas for development.

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