for Large Sales Teams (200+)

Need to upskill a large, geographically dispersed sales team QUICKLY? Want to boost talent retention and MOTIVATION across the business? Not sure how to achieve this with existing internal resources and skill levels?

Contracting with a sales training provider to deliver such a programme is not feasible due to the numbers and cost involved. You want an initiative that lasts and is OWNED by both managers and staff. You also require control and flexibility of implementation.

What’s the solution?

LDL Licensing & Accreditation – here’s how it works…

1. Develop the content

LDL work with you to develop a licensed, bespoke sales trainingprogramme to equip your people with the latest consultative selling tools and techniques. Both the skill to win and the will to win are covered in detail. The content is carefully designed to reflect your values, culture and objectives.

2. Pilot the programme

LDL consultants then pilot the programme. We work with you to set some quantifiable Key Performance Indicators to measure the impact of the learning in terms of Sales Revenues, Profits and CSI scores. On successful completion of the pilot and a robust business case being made we then help YOU roll out the programme under licence.

3. Accredit your trainers

You select a small group of your internal trainers or managers who you would like to deliver the sales training programme. LDL intensively coach and assess this group using our proprietary four step methodology to achieve the coveted ‘LDL Accredited Trainer’status. Once the required standard is met, this group then roll out the learning to all participants.

LDL can help you gain competitive advantage by making your people passionate about delivering sales and service excellence. Our unique Skill + Will approach to development equips individuals with both the ability and desire to make a difference. Get in touch today for further information regarding our bespoke sales training and how it can help you and your business.

For further information please complete our enquiry form or call one of our team of learning advisors on +44 (0)20 7381 6233