Working with LDL

Typically each in-company learning assignment has six stages:
Stage 1: Preliminary meeting – F2F or virtual

To establish your precise requirements and agree the objective and timing of the proposed performance improvement programme.

Stage 2: Research

To familiarise ourselves with your environment, learn the challenges, establish exactly how your staff operate and how results will be tracked and measured.

Stage 3: Solution development

This stage involves the design of all aspects of the project. Diagnostics – Syllabus – Structure – Programme notes – Visual aids – Post delivery reinforcement. This work is conducted at LDL by the consultant who will subsequently deliver the programme. This consultant is also responsible for ensuring that the full resources of LDL are utilised to meet your learning objectives.

Stage 4: Roll out

The programme is delivered by LDL – at your chosen venue or virtually.

Stage 5: Evaluate results

We meet with you to review effectiveness and identify measurable improvement in the relevant key result areas.

Stage 6: Follow-up coaching / Elearning

Follow-up coaching, either virtual or F2F is normally recommended so we can embed the learning back in the workplace.

For performance improvement to be fully effective, it must be followed up and receive skilled support in the field. Senior management must be 100% behind it. To achieve the best results we naturally prefer to work with you long term, two, three, four years or more. Performance improvement is an ongoing process.