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Decide To Be A Top Performer

Posted on October 14th, 2012

Many people start a new job or their job description changes and they have the attitude, ‘I’ll wait and see whether or not this job comes up to my expectations.’

It never will.

The job couldn’t care less. It’s unimportant when we get into the business: what matters is when the business gets into us.

Whether you are in a leadership or sales role – decide to be a top performer. Right now, reinforce your decision to be a top producer in your field. It’s the all important mindset.

Get yourself a coach

Everyone needs a coach, someone who gives them a push from time to time. Most people achieve more if they are encouraged, motivated and coached, than if they try to go it alone. Get yourself a coach, someone who believes in you, who will stretch you and challenge you to set high goals.

Boxer Muhammad Ali was once asked to describe the greatest lesson he had learned in life. He recalled a fight against Sonny Liston for the heavyweight title in 1964: ‘Liston was the strongest man I’ve ever fought. Every time I hit him, it hurt me more than it did him. I gave him everything I had. By the end of the sixth round I was completely spent. I couldn’t even raise my arms. I couldn’t even stand up.’

‘I’m goin’ home,’ he told his trainer Angelo Dundee. I’m not going back in there. Throw in the towel.’

Dundee demanded that Ali get back in the ring. But the fighter refused.

The bell rang and still Ali stayed put. Dundee pushed him and yelled, ‘Get back in there and don’t come out until you are heavyweight champion of the world.’

Ali struggled to his feet. Liston didn’t. Ali won the title.

The experience taught him the importance of coaching: ‘The greatest lesson I’ve learned is to have someone pushin’ you and makin’ you do things you don’t think you can do.’

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