People leadership is the new core competency. To thrive in today’s market we simply cannot afford to field anything but teams of A players.

An A player at the leadership level is a man or woman who believes the organisation’s most precious possession is the people who work there and its most valuable skill – the ability to draw out the very best in their performance.

  • An A leader is not a corporate dictator. The new model of leadership focuses on the concept – good leaders grow people, bad leaders stunt them.
  • An A leader is dedicated to making others feel capable, confident and strong. In their ‘moment of truth’ each individual is the company.
  • An A leader has both enormous personal energy and the ability to transmit that energy so others begin to believe in their own potential. Energy motivates. Listless leaders lead listless organisations.
  • An A leader knows that creating a self-propelled workforce means not only managing people but managing the interactions between people. That’s not a subtle difference.
  • An A leader is a man or woman with a vision and the ability to articulate that vision to the team, so vividly and so profoundly that it also becomes their vision.

Inspirational leadership training is not about the theory of leadership. Theory is for those with time on their hands. Nor is it a fountainhead of management thought. Our approach to leadership training is about the ‘how to’s’ – practical, cherry-picked leadership skills you can take and apply tomorrow to inspire and motivate your people.

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