Seven Step Approach

When working with clients in-company LDL operate a 7 step methodology to optimise learning effectiveness:

1. Pre and Post-Programme Briefings

We put a great deal of emphasis on these briefings with senior management as well as incorporating time spent experiencing the delegate’s work situation. This is often an essential exercise both in terms of fine tuning the programme content and promoting credibility with the delegates themselves.

2. Accurate Content

Having established the objectives we never allow ourselves to lose sight of these by indulging in ‘interesting’ but not highly relevant programme material. Our focus is to supply results orientated solutions designed to make an impact when applied back in the workplace. As such we have developed a reputation for condensed, high resolution leadership trainingmanagement training and sales training which hits the mark.

3. Self-Belief and Attitude Development

Confidence is always a critical factor in the application of any skill set. The LDL approach has always been to reinforce well researched, tried and tested, up to the minute skills with attitude development. We feel very strongly that the success of our solutions is essentially due to this dual focus. The most effective techniques in the world will only achieve results when the individual is confident enough, and sufficiently motivated to put them into practice. The message that attitude and personal leadership are as important as ability in determining success, permeates all our work.

4. High Energy, High Impact Learning

LDL programmes are designed to energise, stimulate and challenge. World class in content, each programme sets out to develop key skills and build the enthusiasm to use them. Elearning prompts are used post course to maintain momentum and extend the learning experience.

5. Interactive Style

Our style of delivery is highly participative, with participant involvement encouraged from the outset. We show participants how to explore ideas vigorously with an open mind. The theme is always ‘how can this work for me?’

6. Respect

We know your delegates will have a wide range of experience. Our consultants value this knowledge. We all know how to do our job better than we do it. Participants see our input as the opportunity to be more consistently as good as they can be.

7. Measured Effectiveness

At LDL we like to be measured in order to prove our value to clients. We will work with your existing processes or recommend additional evaluation techniques. Lasting change is only achieved when there are processes to support and encourage new approaches. In the critical few weeks following the programme when motivation is high, delegates are asked to record on a special questionnaire how they have applied their new skills and with what results. Post course weekly elearning prompts are also used to revisit key skills and help participants to apply them.

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