Achievement Stories

How to reinforce your learning initiative AND demonstrate learning ROI

One of the most exciting developments in training is the use of achievement stories to embed key learning points.

Achievement stories are unequalled in their ability to engage, energise and satisfy your organisation’s hunger for evidence of a training programme’s effectiveness.

With this in mind, LDL hardwire into every management and sales training programme a final step that captures examples of successfully applied learning.

Your LDL Consultant will build into the programme the expectation that every participant will share an achievement story post event – an example of how they applied the learning and with what result.

This means they will need to have achieved something to talk about. The best way to learn is to teach.

How to make achievement stories infectious in your organisation

Two approaches:

  1. You arrange a follow-up session c 6-8 weeks after the training where participants will present their achievement story – one idea they learned, how they applied it and with what result. Attach importance to these presentations. Senior Managers should be present. You can organise this event yourselves or we can assist.
  2. You invite participants to post their achievement story on-line. LDL use a lightweight crowdsourcing tool which asks participants to post their story as an answer to a specific question – eg: what achievement are you most proud of as a result of the programme? The interactive software uses a paired comparison rating process to allow participants to rank each other’s story so the ‘top stories’ emerge. This is a step forward from standard static documents.

Achievement stories are especially useful when seeking to change years of cultural patterning.

Feel free to contact us to find out more and to discuss how Achievement Stories can be incorporated into your leadership or sales development programme.