The New Professional Selling Skills

A complete IN-DEPTH coaching in the next generation consultative-partner selling skills demanded by today’s market place.


The New Professional Selling Skills



Key Account Management

ALL NEW PROGRAMME. How to sell, develop and manage key accounts.


Key Account Management

Sales Negotiation

The customer you speak to on Monday morning is almost certain to have received training on how to improve the terms they get from their suppliers.


Sales Negotiation

Sales Training

Modern selling is about being IN business with the customer not DOING business with them. Selling has evolved from pitch and follow through to helping customers find the right solutions in a collaborative effort.

Whether you are looking for sales training for one or two people or a fully fledged sales academy LDL can help.

For more than three decades LDL has studied the methods, techniques and mindsets of top sales people around theworld. We talk to hundreds of salespeople each year to stay ahead of trends.

The results are in our wide range of sales training courses.

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Sales Training Courses

Selling is changing because business is changing. People are more cautious and more risk averse. Products and services no longer confer market advantage, because almost anything can be copied. In addition, customers are more knowledgeable and have more choices than ever before. So how do you differentiate your business?

What should your sales development focus on?

Sales used to be about features and benefits, how to make presentations, sell value, handle objections and close. Sales people then targeted potential customers and went for the sale. But this approach now works in fewer and fewer cases. It has become superseded by a new, more effective way of selling.

So How Do You Sell More?

sales training video

To appreciate how selling needs to evolve in the digital age it is useful to look at the 4 levels of sales team effectiveness – each level adds more value for the customer. The video on the right shows you how. →

  • Level 1 sales teams sell products and services. The 'talking brochure'.

  • Level 2 sales teams add great customer service – a great 'brand' experience.

  • Level 3 sales teams add value by solving problems. This  is the 'Consultative' solution selling approach. The benchmark for B to B sales.

  • Level 4 sales teams go one step further and act as a 'Partner'. They are viewed by the customer as part of their management team. They bring the customer new ways of running their business more effectively and profitably.

  • Level 4 sellers add the most value and win the most sales. The acid test of Level 4 is to ask whether your customer would still hire you as a consultant if you no longer had your product or service to sell.

Note - it is HOW your sales team sell that adds the value, not any change to the product. Whatever your starting point, LDL sales training with its focus on Consultative-Partner selling enables your sales team to move step-by-step towards Level 4.

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Listen Beyond Your Product

Selling at Level 4 requires a new mindset – not 'what can we sell to them?, but 'how can we help them to succeed?'. This means getting closer to the issues – listen beyond your product. LDL sales courses highlight this approach and are available either as open courses in London or in-company where we come to you anywhere in the UK/Europe.

Your training initiative to last will also require reinforcement and coaching from your sales managers and our leadership programmes provide the necessary skills.

Why Choose LDL For Your Sales Training Programme?

Skills training alone rarely gets to the core of what makes people change, to achieve success you must also address the 'will' factors - drive, confidence, energy and determination.

In business as in sport, the skill to win must be matched by the will to win. Athletes call it mental toughness training. If it's good enough for Olympic champions, how about your team?

LDL sales training with its emphasis on Skill+Will brings your team the latest sales skills plus how to build drive, confidence and a winner's mindset. It's a powerful combination. Call us for a free consultation +44(0)20 7381 6233.

Short Sales Training Videos:

Read more about LDL sales training courses. Open courses are held in London.

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